A Little Housekeeping

Sunday, September 08, 2013

So I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately (not in an "I'm going to shut it down way", so if you were worried, don't be).

I've spent so much of the past year and a half trying to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to blogging. I was trying to follow the "tips" for growing your blog, like posting every day (heck, there was a period where I was posting MULTIPLE times a day). But you know what? I was posting just for the sake of posting. I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something to talk about, and posting things I gave zero craps about just to have a post up.

I don't like that.

I've never been the type who "fits in", and I've (mostly) been okay with that as I've gotten older, so why was I trying so hard? Seriously, I don't think I tried that hard in middle school (though really, the blogging community sometimes seems more like middle school than middle school did).

So this blog is going to get back to its roots. I'm going to be posting about things I get excited about (I'm going to go NUTS closer to Christmas!), and I'm not going to be posting every day. I'll just be posting when I have something to say. Maybe a lack of a "consistent posting schedule" will lose me some readers (all those "tips" seem to think so), but if the fact that I'm not going to post every day means you're not going to read my blog anymore, then you're probably not the kind of person I want reading my blog anyway.

I don't think I'm going to do link parties anymore. I might still do a Wordless Wednesday link-up (maybe...I'm still not sure), but I won't be doing Lazy Sunday anymore. It was fun, and I found some cool blogs through it, but it's been awhile since more than a few people have linked up, and I tend to forget about it. Besides, I think it kind of comes across as a desperate plea for page views, and I'm done with that.

I'm not planning on doing any more sponsored posts or reaching out to companies for reviews (though surprisingly, the only review I asked to do was the May Book review -- everyone else contacted me). If I get approached by a company, I'll consider it, but I'm not going to be going out of my way to try to get free stuff. As for the sponsored posts, I've only done a few, but they were all done at a time when we were really desperate for money. Thankfully, that's not the issue anymore, so it's not as big of a deal.

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue offering sponsorships or not. I've only gotten one paid sponsorship, so it obviously didn't turn out as lucrative as I'd hoped. After that sponsorship ends next month, I might be completely removing sponsorship options. I'm still trying to decide though. We'll see.

Please don't think that if you do any of these things that I'm looking down on you, because I'm not. But blogging that way just isn't going to work that way for me anymore.

Another thing I'm planning on doing (after I finish my redesign, because I'm getting bored with this one) is changing my Twitter and Instagram handles. I define my blog, but my blog doesn't define me. I don't need to be a "brand".

Of course, there's always a chance that in the future, depending on circumstances, I'll change my mind about some of these things, but for now, I think this is going to work out nicely, and I hope you'll stick around for a more genuine me.

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  1. Love this post! You're doing exactly what most bloggers need to do - for the health of the blogging community!

    1. Thanks :) I doubt it'll create a movement, but it'll certainly make me a lot more sane.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad to read someone being honest about this. Lately, I've been struggling to even find the time to write a blog post between juggling two kids, a job, and you know, life. I hate going to bed thinking, "I should have written a blog post." Why? Just because? Or because it was worthy of writing and I really wanted to share something? It's definitely better that I pushed the swing for an hour and actually did a load of laundry. When I read blogs that have posts every day and claim to be rock star people at the same time, I'm kind of turned off at the moment... Frankly, I just don't have time to read a post every day from every blog I like. It's kind of nice to read one a week or so... Okay, this was a long comment, but I identify with you so much!

    1. I totally agree! I think all too often we let things like our blogs become too much of a priority. Spending time with your kids is definitely more important than writing a blog post :) Don't feel guilty if you don't have time to blog once in awhile -- it just means you're too busy living life!

  3. I think for a long time you were too focused on all of those things, and it really hurt your blog. I understand needing to make money, but you wrote about things that we all knew you didnt care about, just for the sake of writing. You can't force your blog to be popular, and I think you were trying to. Big blogs dont become big blogs over night. It takes YEARS of interesting writing and loyal readers to make it. You wanted to blog to make money, not blog for you, and that is what hurt you. I am excited to see where this new direction takes you. I think you have to be real to yourself. But I also think that there are people out there that can write authentic meaningful posts every day, and thats ok. You just arent one of them.

    1. Um, thanks?

      To be honest, a lot of this sounds kind of backhanded, but I could be reading too much into that I suppose. And don't worry, it's okay that you aren't one of those people who can write authentic, meaningful posts every day too.

      Oh, and Jess? Next time just use your name. Anonymous comments tend to get lost in the spam filter.

  4. When you start a blog, you leave yourself open to public scrutiny. I was simply telling you that I think this is the right direction for you and your blog.

    And I don't know who Jess is, but I comment under anonymous because I don't have a blog.


    1. If I was mistaken, I'm sorry. I just don't have a very large readership, and this comment came from her area, so I was a little suspicious.

      And yes, having a blog, I do open myself up to public scrutiny. I'm fine with that. I don't censor my comments and I leave the anonymous comment option up for that reason. I just think that if I'm leaving myself open to scrutiny, that people should at least have the decency to not hide behind anonymity. I thank you for identifying yourself, and appreciate your comments.



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