2013 in Review

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This year in review post is a little later than I would normally post, but since I wasn't blogging for so long, that kind of fell by the wayside.

As usual, I'll start by letting you know how I did on my goals for 2013 that I mentioned in 2012's year in review.

Get pregnant. Yet again, this one didn't happen. It's upsetting, of course, but it is what it is. Maybe it was for the best anyway. As we're closing in on 3 years of TTC, we have decided to take a TTC break indefinitely. On the plus side, however, I have been getting regular periods since the summer. Unfortunately, they've been the horrendously long and heavy periods of my adolescence instead of the short, light periods I got between going on birth control pills and getting Depo-Provera.

Feel better and look better physically. I'm not sure that I look better, but I do feel better. I gained a lot of muscle last year, and it's changed the way I feel. I have lost and gained weight though, so I'm not really any smaller than I was a year ago.

Do a 5k. Done :)

Find a good balance between work, life, and blogging. I think I did pretty well on this until fall, when I decided that blogging was not a priority (adding school into the mix certainly didn't help the whole balancing thing). As I'm easing myself back into blogging, we'll see how well things stay balanced.

Resurrect my poor little Etsy shop. I did, and I actually made some sales last year. My shop has been on vacation since October, and I'm trying to decide if continuing with it is something that I want to pursue or not.

Move. That didn't happen last year, but it probably will this year.

Actually finish editing and publish one (or both!) of my novels. That one didn't happen either. Not doing so hot on meeting my goals, huh?

Use my camera and sewing machine more. Camera, yes. Sewing machine, no. I did start my part-time photography business last year, so that's been really exciting and kept me quite busy.

And now, onto how the year went...

I resurrected my Etsy shop, Briarlea, as a shop for digital stationery, and made my first sale.

I was featured on another blog for the first time when I shared my gluten-free mug brownie recipe on Consider Me Inspired.

I started nannying for two awesome little kids (Little J and Baby Z).

Tom and I actually got to go out together on Valentine's Day for the first time in our relationship (previously we had been unable to spend the day together due to work and family conflicts).

I got a gym membership at Planet Fitness. It's been good for me, and it's helped amp up my confidence in what I'm capable of doing.

I stopped blogging at Operation Skinny Jeans.

I started Alex Green Photography!

I attended the IAEYC Conference in Indianapolis.

I ran a mile for the first time ever, and did it in 15:42 (which may not seem like anything impressive to most people, but it was HUGE for me).

I participated in National Infertility Awareness Week with several posts related to infertility and its perception in our society.

Tom and I celebrated our second anniversary.

Good Girl Gone Wife also turned two, and I celebrated by answering reader questions in a vlog.

I turned 25, and my best friend and I took her son to Fair Oaks Farms, where we saw a calf's birth and ate some awesome ice cream.

Archie turned 2.

I started a podcast, which was fun, but people who said they'd be on flaked out, and then I got busy, and it kind of fell by the wayside. Perhaps it will be resurrected sometime though.

My youngest sibling, my brother Daegin, graduated high school.

I went to the zoo :)

I left for Texas with my friend Hannah, who had been spending the summer following Big Time Rush on tour. We saw them in Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. It was the first time I'd been on vacation in years (though it wasn't very relaxing, just very busy).

I came home from Oklahoma on the first day of July. Nothing much really happened in July (for us, anyway).

We celebrated Tom's birthday with a trip to the Indiana State Fair.

We adopted Luna, a cat that our awful old neighbors had left behind when they moved.

I started going back to college again, and admitted my feelings about community college and failure.

My dad got married to his longtime girlfriend Jane, and I gained an older brother, Jimmy (as well as a sister-in-law and two little nephews!), in the process.

Preschool started back up, and I got to meet a whole new crop of awesome little ones :) We got a class pet, Clover the guinea pig, who lives with us when she's not in the classroom.

I discussed toxic relationships (and later got an apology from the guy the post was about, which was both surprising and touching).

I shot my first wedding (in Louisville, no less!).

I also started ignoring my blog.

I did my first 5k, the Race Against Hunger 5k in West Lafayette, and finished in under an hour (which was my goal).

Christmas happened. It was very, very busy, but we had a Christmas tree this year!

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