2014 Goals

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Normally, I include a list of my 2014 goals in my year in review, but I thought they deserved their own post this year (even if it is basically 1/12 over).

Do Something That Scares Me

I might already have an idea of what this might be, but until things are set in stone, I don't want to talk about (yeah, that's a crappy move on my part, bringing up something that I'm not going to talk about, but it's definitely something that scares me). I occasionally do things that scare me, but I feel like they're few and far between. I want to take more risks, to put myself out there more. I've been feeling pretty stagnant lately, and I want to shake things up a bit. I need out of this rut.

Lose Two Sizes

Last year, I lost weight and gained weight. I want to feel better and look better. I feel like a lot of my problem in the past is that I've focused too much on numbers and large goals. I'm hoping that by focusing more of non-scale victories, such as slipping comfortably into smaller pants and losing inches, that it will be easier for me to meet my goals. I want to achieve them, not be overwhelmed by them. I even have the perfect pair of pants I want to be able to wear when I've achieved this goal (provided they fit properly, that is -- they're two sizes smaller, but different brands cut things differently). I can't wait to wear them. Obviously, on the off chance that I do actually get pregnant this year (which I didn't put on this list, because it hasn't worked out so well for me the past few years), that will most certainly take precedence over a shrinking waistline.

Create More

I haven't used my sewing machine in months. I haven't experimented in the kitchen in months. I haven't even really done a project in months. Part of it is being broke, part of it is being insanely busy, and part of it is being lazy, but I need to make something, and to make it a habit. I think I'd be a lot less stressed out if I was channeling my creative energy.

Cut Ties With The Negative Parts Of My Life

Whether they're feelings of jealousy (which I still struggle with in several areas way more often than I care to admit -- it's probably one of my bigger flaws, and I really don't like it), or people who put me down, I allow way too much negativity into my life. I'll admit that this goal will definitely be one of the more difficult ones that I've set for myself, but I will do my best to promote positivity within my life and the lives of others. As crappy as life can be sometimes, I have a lot to be thankful for.
Learn New Things

I'm a scholar at heart, and I love to  learn (especially outside of school!). I've been working (slowly) at learning coding, because I want to be able to create a customized blog design that I really love (and I'm way too cheap...and broke...to pay for someone else to do it). I'm brushing up on my rusty French using Duolingo, and then I plan to explore another language (probably Spanish, because it would be the most practical). I've been thinking lately that I might like to try cross stitch. I feel like there are so many things that I want to do, but I'm not sure I'll ever have enough time to do them all!

Read More

I don't think I've read for pleasure since summer. With going back to school and preschool starting back up, most of my reading has been textbooks and lesson planning materials. I've especially been slacking on my blog reading, and for that, I'm sorry. But it's important to me to read more blogs and books just for the love of reading them, and I think that's going to be one of my easier goals to accomplish :)
Do More

This can be interwoven with some of my other goals, but it still stands on its own. I don't get out of my house much (especially lately, STUPID POLAR VORTEX!), and I really need to get out more and do more, for myself, for others, and for the community.
Love More

I need to be more appreciative of the friends and family who are there for me. I need to be better at staying in touch. I need to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that I allow to consume me from time to time. I need to spread love and create joy. I want my impact on the world to be a good one, no matter how big or small it may be.

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