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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Since we last spoke (you know, not counting that last post), a lot has happened (though, obviously, some things have been more exciting than others).

Tom and I went hiking at the local botanical garden (which has a very small garden and a lot of trails that go down by the creek and up on the bluffs). We were able to catch a beautiful sunset view (my camera didn't do it justice), and got to explore more of our community.

Luna and Archie actually started to like one another. It's adorable and weird. For the first couple of months they wanted nothing to do with each other (and we often had to keep them separated at first), but now they have no qualms about cuddling together on the couch. He sniffs her butt, she licks his ear -- fursibling love in its purest form.

In October, the family I nanny for celebrated two things: Baby Z turned 2 (definitely not a baby anymore, but he's sill my Baby Z), and they announced that they're expecting again. I'll be getting another little boy to cuddle come March. Little J wanted to name him Rosie at first (after Rebecca Rabbit's baby sister on Peppa Pig, which, for some reason, is her favorite show), but last week she told me he wanted to name him Emmanuel (or "Mannel", as she said). They're keeping the actual name a secret until the baby is born; I can't really say that I blame them.

I got another nephew in October as well. My new big brother (my dad just got married, remember?) and his wife welcomed their second son. He's pretty darling, and he spent most of Christmas resting peacefully, even though my dad's dog kept sniffing him and we all talk way too loudly.

I did my first 5K on Thanksgiving. Note that I say did, not ran, because even though I did run some, I walked a whole lot more than I ran. I didn't really train for it, so I went into it knowing that there would be a considerable amount of walking (though I didn't think it would be quite as much as it was -- I'm seriously out of shape). Despite this, I made all of my goals with the race, including finishing in under an hour (my official time was 55:30) and not finishing last (if you look on Athlinks, it says I was last, but on the official results page from the chip timing company, two people finished a few minutes behind me, and there were some people doing the untimed 5K who finished behind me too). It was really cold that day, and by the time I finished, I was a lot less concerned with making sure Tom got a picture (he had forgotten the camera in the car), and a lot more concerned with getting warmed up. I did instagram a post-race pic of me from the passenger seat though :) I am proud of myself for doing the 5K, even though my results aren't necessarily impressive, and I'd still be proud even if I hadn't met my goals. I don't know whether or not I want to do another. I'm leaning toward yes, but I think I definitely need to train before undertaking another (and to pick one that's taking place on a day where it's not 19 degrees!).

We found out that we're going to be a great-aunt and great-uncle for the fourth time; our oldest niece is pregnant with her third (and yes, it is kind of weird to be a great-aunt at 25; I have been since I was 22 and married into the family. It's probably a lot weirder for Tom, who became a great-uncle at 20 and an uncle at 2).

The semester ended, both at preschool and in college. I got straight A's, and they were all above 95%. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of myself. It just goes to show than I'm not a total screw up when it comes to higher education.

Lastly, my brother Ian (who I am the closest to out of all my siblings) joined the National Guard. He leaves in February. I have mixed feelings about it, but I will always support him in anything he does. He is my bubby, and I love him dearly.

The Polar Vortex happened. It was awful. The one bright spot was that it gave me an excuse to binge play Skyrim (which my wonderful bubby so graciously loaned me, along with Assassin's Creed III, which I am not entirely sure I like).

So in case you've been wondering what's been going on while I've been neglecting my blog, there you go.

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