All Quiet On The Home Front

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things have been pretty quiet around here over the past few months.

It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, or even that I never had anything to blog about (because there were a few times that I did).

I've just been majorly overwhelmed.

I really underestimated just how much time and energy this whole working two jobs/going to school/photography business/all the other parts of life was going to take. The first semester was an adjustment, but it didn't seem too bad. This semester, I only added one extra credit hour, but it was SO much worse. I had one class that was more work than all my others combined (which included a group project that I -- harkening back to my high school days -- ended up having to complete by myself. Adding to that the fact that I still had lesson plans to make, parent/teacher conferences to prepare for, a spring program that required spending a lot of time teaching three-year-olds to hula, and the fact that the family I nanny for had another baby in March, and I just felt like I couldn't even breathe. I didn't have "me" time anymore, and I didn't have much time to sit down and write all of the things I wanted to write.

There has been something I've been able to make a little bit of time for though (though often at the expense of sleep).

I am a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones (and the book series it is based on as well). When the season started, I decided on a whim that it would be fun to make Youtube reviews of the episodes. I've always felt like I was neglecting my poor, underutilized Youtube channel, and this has been a fun way to not only use my channel more, but to also learn about video editing.

It has also led to a couple of things I didn't expect.

While I was editing one of the episodes one night (I believe it was for the third episode, "Breaker of Chains"), Tom heard me say something in the video that prompted him to suggest I write an article about similarities between my life and the show. I did (though it took me like a week, since, again, I had very little time -- I had to write it in bits and pieces), and my article, "12 Times Game of Thrones Mirrored My Life" was published on Thought Catalog; it's meant to be a lighthearted and fluffy piece.

After reading this article, I was approached on Twitter by a sportswriter who also does Game of Thrones podcasts. He asked if I'd like to be on. I said yes (although I was really nervous -- I'd never done a podcast with anyone I didn't know before), and we recorded it about a week ago. It hasn't been published yet, but when it is, I will definitely be letting you know.

I'm also now a Moviepilot contributor; apparently they saw my videos and tweeted me to see if I wanted to join (anyone can join, so if you love talking about movies and TV, this is a great place for you to do it!).

It is now my summer. The semester has ended (it looks like I got straight A's again, but I haven't received my official final grades for two classes yet), and though I had planned on taking classes over the summer, this semester really made me need a break. In addition, preschool is also over for the summer, but for me it is over. I made the decision not to return in the fall. There were a few reasons for this, but the main reason is that we will be moving during the school year, and I don't want the kids to have to break in a new teacher with only a few weeks left in the year. It's not fair to them, and it's not fair to the new teacher.

Since my schedule has been considerably lightened, I will have more time to do things this summer. More time to pursue my interests, more time to clean my house, more time to test out recipes, and more time to blog :)

P.S. If anybody would like to submit questions for me for the blogiversary (I thought about not asking for any, since I haven't been blogging much lately, but it's become a tradition), you can do so via comment, email, Facebook, Twitter (tweeting or direct message), or I think I might keep it to three this year in honor of this being the blog's third year (and to avoid droning on for 20+ minutes like last year).

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