Influenster Go VoxBox Review

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I received all products complementary from Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Influenster sent me their go VoxBox, and it ended up maybe being my favorite box I've received so far, just because of how cool some of the stuff in there was.

I received Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons (which had also been in my last box as well, so score!), which I was really excited about. Playtex is the only brand I will use, despite my mom always insisting that I'm a "Pearl girl" (I'm not -- I tried them once when they first came out, and it didn't hold my flow for anything). Playtex tampons are comfortable and absorbent, and I won't use anything else anymore. I attempted to save money and get some Target Up & Up tampons last year, and it was a disaster. The way the applicators are designed made it difficult for me to even get the tampon in. No thank you. Playtex all the way, baby!

I also received three Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shakes, along with a Jaxx shaker cup. The shaker cup is actually pretty cool; it's like a blender bottle, but instead of a little ball, it uses a large plastic jack to mix up the shake. It did a lot better than I expected it to do, and had no issues with lumps of powder in my shake while using it. I received samples of the Swiss Chocolate (which I liked), French Vanilla (which was okay), and the Fresh Berries (which I haven't tried yet) shakes. There is definitely that protein shake taste with the first couple of sips, but it goes away. I didn't necessarily feel full after drinking one, but I wasn't nearly as hungry as I had been before. They seem like a better snack than a meal, but maybe that's just because I'm a fatty who wants food.

I was a little hesitant to try Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds, just because in my experience, things that are supposed to taste like fruit usually just taste gross, but I ended up LOVING these. They're so tasty and easy to eat. I love almonds, and I love blueberries, and the combination was so much better than I expected it to be. They might be just a little too sweet, but they're delicious.

Like The Vitamin Shoppe, Profoot provided more than one sample, the Triad Orthotic inserts, and the Pedi-Rock. I broke in the inserts while shooting a wedding last month, because when you're on your feet for the bulk of 10 hours, orthotics are a major help. They provided enough cushioning and support to keep my feet from being totally worn out at the end of the day.

I actually haven't used the Pedi-Rock yet, because I always feel like I want to vomit when things touch the bottom of my foot, and I just haven't braved it yet.

From Aqua Spa, I received some lavender Body Creme. The scent is really relaxing, but I wasn't that impressed with the actual lotion itself. Compared to the Deep Steep Body Butter I've been using over the past month (a gift from a student -- so awesome!), it just didn't retain moisture as well, and it felt greasier.

Finally, there was a coupon for Muller yogurt. Since the Greek Corner with caramelized almonds is one of my favorite yogurts, that's what I got. And it was delicious. I love having a little crunch with my yogurt, and it fits the bill nicely.

Overall, I was really happy with the Go VoxBox!

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