Life Lately - July 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

I said a couple of months ago that I would be blogging more, but that hasn't quite gone the way I'd hoped. I have more time, yes, but I also haven't had much to blog about. As such, I didn't feel right just throwing something together for the sake of having content. Somehow, I ended up going almost all of July without blogging.

I will have a lot of new content this week, but I thought I'd kick off this "return", if you will, with a little information on what's been going on in my life the past couple of months.

The biggest change is that Tom and I have started a podcast together! You may remember that I had a podcast at one point (I think I did two or three episodes? Clearly, I'm not great about following through on things), but it didn't really pan out. I had booked a guest who flaked on me, and it kind of soured the whole experience for me (as well as how I viewed her). This podcast actually has a point -- every week, we watch and critically deconstruct an episode of Full House. It's called Everywhere You Look, and we release new episodes every Tuesday at 8pm EST. It's been a blast so far (episode six will be released tomorrow!), and iTunes even put us in their New & Noteworthy section!

My little brother, Ian, came home from boot camp a few weeks ago (he'd been gone since February). He's currently in the National Guard, but he's more than likely going to move into the Army full-time. It worries me a little, but I'm proud of him, and the most important thing is that it seems to make him happy and feel fulfilled.

I lightened my hair quite a bit. I don't have a good picture of it, though you may be able to spy it a bit on my Instagram account (though to be fair, it's mostly just pictures of my pets and food).

Tom was in a wedding a few weeks ago, and he totally ended up with the bride & groom's gluten-free cake all over the front of his tux about half an hour before the wedding. Thankfully, there was a bar, and I was able to get some club soda and a towel and remove all traces of frosting (it took quite awhile). The bride didn't find out until the groom told her later, but at that point, she was past freaking out, so it was all good. The groom's mother had fixed the cake, and everything else went pretty smoothly.

I finally started taking melatonin to help me sleep, and it's been a godsend (for the most part). I'm used to waking up a lot, but it gets me to sleep and KEEPS me asleep. Except for the past few nights, that is. I've gotten terrible sleep, and I don't know why (I did forget the melatonin one night in the middle, but I had it the other nights, so I'm not sure what's going on). I've been majorly exhausted since Thursday night.

Okay, so this might not have been the most scintillating post ever, but I do have quite a bit to talk about this week (I'm not sure what's come over me, but I've suddenly been very inspired to blog).

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