Prep Time

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In many parts of the United States, this past winter was absolutely terrible (thanks for that, polar vortex). This coming winter is expected to be just as bad, if not worse (particularly in regards to the cold temperatures). With that in mind, I've decided that this is the perfect time to get serious about prepping.

Prepping is something I've done a lot of research on in the past year, because it's something I'd like to do anyway, regardless of temperature. I like to be prepared for any situation (but I figure that's probably pretty normal when you grow up in a scouting family). Prepping for this winter particularly would be smart; there were several days last year when it was so cold that work was cancelled, and on those days, we certainly didn't feel like going out to the store. There could potentially be several days in a row when the temperatures are dangerously low, so having necessities on hand would be incredibly helpful.

A few things I'm going to begin trying to stock up on are:
     -food and water, including boxed almond milk, because powdered and canned milk is just gross
     -toilet paper, because butts will need to be wiped
     -pet supplies, including food, hay, puppy pads, litter, and necessary medications
     -medications, vitamins, supplements, and first aid supplies
     -flashlights, candles, and matches
     -large buckets, just in case (a couple of years ago, we had no plumbing for two days because the neighbors let the pipes freeze)
Any tips are GREATLY  appreciated!

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