Interior Design by Peter Pan: Living Room and Bathroom

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

That's how my house feels most of the time, anyway.

It doesn't look like a place where adults live; it looks more like a bunch of frat boys live here.

yup, pretty much (not our actual apartment, but a reasonable facsimile)

We gave away the majority of our house things (dishes, appliances, furniture, etc.) when we though we were moving to Florida, so we've been slowly trying to re-accumulate the things we no longer have (but would really benefit from). I'm tired of feeling like I'm just temporarily staying in someone else's home, because it certainly doesn't feel very "me" (Tom gives zero craps about how our place is decorated or furnished, so it's pretty much all falling on me). There are several things on my to-do list, and I will blog about them (with before and afters, when possible and applicable) as I go (just a warning, though -- it might be a bit of a slow process).

When I started writing this, I was just going to list everything that I wanted to tackle, but it ended up being really long, so I ended up splitting it into multiple posts so I don't bore you to death all at once.

Living Room

-We need a new couch. We didn't even have one when we moved in; we slept in the living room for the first couple of months that we lived here so that our bed could function as seating as well. We had a friend stay with us for a few weeks after that, and he gave us his old couch. It's served its purpose, but one of the legs keeps coming off, it's pretty dirty by now, and it's in a floral print that doesn't really go with anything. I'm still trying to determine what "look" I'm going for (I'm so indecisive), but I'm thinking something neutral (though I'm not opposed to bright furniture at all).

-I want to recover our wingback chair. It was the first piece of furniture that we actually bought (from Goodwill last year), other than an IKEA coffee table a few years ago. It's a good chair, but I don't like the fabric; I'd love to find a fun print for it.

-I'd like to get a new TV stand or entertainment center. We currently have a small TV stand that Tom had in college, but between the TV, modem, router, blu-ray player, and cable box, it's a bit crowded. I'd like to have something with more storage, and something that will help conceal cords better. Once we have a new solution, I could move the current stand into the bedroom, and use the coffee table that the bedroom TV is on elsewhere (such as, I don't know, the living room?).

-I really need to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. The color we used is fab (Mermaid Treasure by Behr, though I may go with another color if I can ever figure out what I want), but I used really cheap paint, and that was a big mistake. The walls seemed to sweat at times, the paint got splotchy, and it's just a hot mess.

-I'd like to create a bit of an entry area. We have a wall next to the door that's perfect. We currently have a little storage bench there, but it's broken, and I'm not sure how fixable it is. I'd like to make sure we have dedicated places for things like keys, Tom's wallet, and Luna's laser pointer (which we use multiple times a day to distract her whenever we leave the house).

-I want to get all of our DVDs, blu-rays, and video games organized into binders, so they take up less space.

-The room really needs some finishing touches, like curtains, photographs, maybe a rug, etc.


-We need more towels, washcloths, etc. We also need a bath mat, because I'm tired of just throwing a towel on the floor.

-We need a new shower curtain, and I think I might make it myself. When we first moved in two years ago, I grabbed one of those cheapie curtains at Dollar Tree, and that's what we still have up (though since Luna enjoys scratching on it, it's looking a little rough).

-I want to get one of those over-the-toilet storage rack things. There is actually a linen cupboard in the bathroom, but it's really deep and the top shelf is above my head, so it's not terribly convenient. Our counter is also really small (basically just big enough for the sink), so having more room readily available would be fantastic.

Seriously, our place is a hot mess. My life needs so much more organization.

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