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Thursday, October 02, 2014

So the Clomid? It didn't work.

I had my CD 22 blood work drawn last Thursday, and the nurse told me that the results would appear in my chart (which I can access online) the next morning. I kept checking back throughout the day, and they still weren't there, so when I finally got all three kids to sleep at the same time, I called the office to get my results.

That wasn't a good idea.

It turned out that my results weren't published yet, because my doctor had wanted the chance to discuss them with me since they were so bad. My progesterone levels, after the Clomid, were .5. That's the kind of level a post-menopausal woman would have (which means ovulation did not occur, at least not by then). The nurse told me that the doctor would be calling me Monday (he's in another town from Wednesday afternoon to Friday), and that he would discuss what our next steps would be then (I mentioned this on the Facebook page, but it seems like only a fraction of the people who have liked it are actually getting my posts, since Facebook just wants me to pay them oodles and caboodles of money to have people see what I have to say).

I was devastated.

I hadn't expected to get pregnant the first time, but I had (naively) thought that I would ovulate. I tried not to, but I did cry a bit while on the phone (and then I think I accidentally hung up on the nurse). I was attending my first meetup that evening, and Tom and I were heading to Ohio the next day, and it completely threw me off. Thankfully, I was able to enjoy myself that night (we were at the local pottery painting studio -- I dragged my BFF Dominique into coming too, and we met a couple of new friends and were out talking with them until midnight), but as we were driving to Ohio the next day (well, I was driving; Tom was playing on his phone), it hit me all over again. We arrived at our hotel in Norwalk, Ohio, a few hours ahead of our friends, and since we were so close to Lake Erie, I was bound and determined to find a beach.

Now, Tom is not exactly what you'd call a "beach person". He's not really an outdoor person in general, but he has always expressed immense disinterest in the beach. However, considering that I was having a rough weekend, he agreed, and we drove up to Nickel Plate Beach, about fifteen minutes north, in Huron.

It was exactly what I needed.

It had been a LONG time since I'd been to a beach, and it was my first trip to Lake Erie. It was really purifying for my heart, and I felt like every time the waves came in, they grabbed my worries and pulled them out into the blue.

And best of all? Tom had a great time :)

I was anxious to talk to my doctor, and he called when I was picking up Little J from preschool on Monday. He decided he was going to put me on Metformin (it's a drug usually used for diabetes -- I'm not diabetic, but I am insulin resistant), because the Metformin would hopefully make my ovaries more sensitive to the Clomid, which would hopefully help me to ovulate on my own. As a bonus, it might help me lose weight. However, it apparently has some very unpleasant side effects. He says that the first month is usually the worst of it, but the first couple of weeks are the most harsh (TMI alert, but apparently diarrhea is all too common -- my sweet husband was nice enough to pick me up some grape Powerade Zero when he picked up my pills). After a month of just Metformin, I'm going to be back on the Clomid (while still taking Metformin, I think), but I'm getting bumped up to a 150mg/day dose (I was on 100mg). Hopefully, I will at least ovulate that way.

I don't know what the future holds. Maybe the Metformin will work, maybe it won't. Maybe we'll have to try yet another, more intensive course of treatment, but hopefully we won't.

But what I do know is that I hope there are more beaches in our future :)

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