Onward, Little Ovaries

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Yesterday, I went in to have my blood drawn for my second progesterone test. Last month's didn't go well (my levels came back at .5), and this month's wasn't much better; my levels were .7, which is still post-menopausal (seriously, MEN have higher progesterone levels than I do).

a graph of my progesterone levels over the past two months

When I went to sleep last night, I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't ovulate, so I hadn't gotten my hopes up. But then last night, I had a dream where I took a digital pregnancy test (one of those new digital ones that tells you how far along you are), and it was positive. Thinking it was a fluke (this is me we're talking about here), I took another test, and got the same positive result, that I was 1-2 weeks along after ovulation, which is 3-4 weeks pregnant. Even though I knew better, when I woke up and saw the email saying that my test results are in, I felt a little flicker of hope.

Since that hope was quickly extinguished, we're on to our next round treatment. I will be continuing to take Metformin, and I'll be starting on Provera again tomorrow (I'm not looking forward to that), and then once my next cycle begins, we'll be adding Clomid back in at a higher dosage of 150mg.

Here's hoping the next round goes better.

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