Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Like many of you, I'm sure, Christmas is generally a pretty hectic time for us. Thankfully, I don't think it will ever be as hectic as it was last year (we had seven Christmas gatherings last year, and five were within 24 hours. Since we had to drop off/pick up Archie, crisscrossing the state to get everywhere led to about six hours of driving and 300 miles to cover -- which doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but this was all in an extremely short amount of time).

This year, we had six places places to go, but they were a little more spread out: Tom's grandparents' (the Sunday before Christmas), my best friend's (Christmas day), my mom's (Saturday), my dad's (Sunday morning), my grandparents' (Sunday afternoon), and Tom's parents' (which we actually haven't done yet -- we do it on New Year's Day). Normally we also would have stopped by my grandma's and Tom's aunt's, but Tom's aunt has been ill and didn't feel up to hosting this year, and obviously, I can only celebrate with my grandmother's memory now.

That said, this was probably my favorite actual Christmas experience that I've had. Normally, we're rushing around on Christmas Eve and don't really get a chance to just be together and focus on the traditions that we've cultivated in our years together (this was our fifth Christmas together, which is crazy!). This year, however, we were able to do that.

It might sound weird, but we eat burritos on Christmas Eve. I don't remember the exact reason, but I think it was probably because we were both working until after 9pm on Christmas Eve our first year together, and burritos were quick to throw together. After that, it just kind of stuck. So this year, we began with burritos. After dinner, we opened up our Christmas pajamas, put them on, and watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. After the movie, I had to work briefly (the family I nanny for is Catholic, and they asked me to come stay with the sleeping kids while they went to Midnight Mass), but after I came home, we decided to go ahead and open gifts.

And I got something I've been wanting for quite some time:

I haven't had a lot of time to read it yet with all the rushing around we've done, but what I have read so far has been awesome.

The next morning, we made cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast, and then spent the day with our second family eating good food, playing games, and enjoying one another's company.

My mom's was full of good talking, my dad's was full of Scattergories, and I was able to give my grandparents the gift I am the most proud of -- their genealogies. My granny told me I couldn't have given her anything better, and I cannot even begin to describe how happy that made me.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did!

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