Wait, What?: PAW Patrol Edition

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Okay, so, PAW Patrol.

This might seem like a weird thing to start this series off with, but it's pretty fresh in my mind since it's Little J & Baby Z's favorite show, and we often watch it before nap time. It's a cartoon obviously geared toward preschoolers, but even as an adult, I find it enjoyable (in fact -- confession time -- I sometimes watch it at home with Archie). However, the fact that I think it's a fun little show, or that it's a cartoon, doesn't excuse some of the completely outlandish parts of the show (not even counting the talking dogs).

PAW Patrol takes place in a coastal city called Adventure Bay. The show centers around a ten-year-old boy, Ryder, and the pups of the PAW Patrol:

  • Chase, a German Shepherd in charge of police work and espionage
  • Marshall, a Dalmatian in charge of firefighting and emergency medical work
  • Rubble, an English Bulldog in charge of construction work
  • Rocky, a mutt (and my favorite!) in charge of recycling and mechanics
  • Zuma, a chocolate Lab in charge of water rescues
  • Skye, a Cockapoo in charge of aviation
  • Everest, the newest member, a Husky in charge of snow and ice rescues

Ryder has rescued all of the dogs (the only one -- other than Everest, who joined in season 2 -- with any kind of back story that we've seen is Rubble, who had been a stray), created all of their tech gear and their "pup houses" (which transform into vehicles depending on each pup's special skill: police truck, fire truck, digger, recycling truck, hovercraft, helicopter, and snowmobile), and then taught them all how to use them. He and the pups live alone at the Lookout, where they meet together to prepare for missions, which they receive often from citizens of Adventure Bay, most often the mayor, the boat captain/naturalist/lighthouse keeper, and the guy who runs the ski resort.

So what are my problems with this show (not counting the fact that the dogs talk, because it's a cartoon, and I'm totally fine with that)?

  • WHY IS THERE NO ADULT SUPERVISION?!?! Why does everyone find it acceptable to let a ten-year-old boy live alone with six dogs? (I say six, because Everest doesn't live at the Lookout; she lives with Jake -- an ADULT -- at the mountain ski resort).
  • How does a ten-year-old have so much knowledge of mechanics and technology? If he was a regular kid, he'd be in 4th or 5th grade, and yet he has taught dogs to operate a variety of different vehicles, created jetpacks and bark-activated net shooters, created a communication device that allows him to contact any pup at any time through his or her collar tag, and CREATED A FREAKING ROBOT DOG THAT IS CAPABLE OF DRIVING AN RV. I am not even joking (that's how they met Everest, actually -- they were meeting Jake around the South Pole, but he got lost or something and Everest brought him to safety). I just don't get it. I really don't.
  • Where does he get the materials to build all of these things? They're clearly not cheap to put together, and he doesn't seem to have any source of income. Does he have some huge trust fund, like some less-jaded Bruce Wayne? Do the local adults who need his help all the time donate scrap metal and robot technology? 
  • Why does everyone in this town rely on a kid and some dogs for all of their safety and rescue needs? There's no police force, no fire department, no EMTs, no Coast Guard -- just a bunch of highly specialized puppies. And the mayor calls them for pretty much everything, including making them form a basketball team because she told a neighboring town's mayor that their team couldn't beat their team, forgetting that Adventure Bay didn't actually have a team. But then again, the mayor is so busy mistakenly thinking that her pet chicken is having a panic attack that she can't be bothered to properly run the town. But seriously, again, why is all of this falling on a kid and his dogs?
  • Similarly, the only vet in town seems to be another ten-year-old, a girl named Katie who also runs the grooming parlor. Seriously, do these kids not have parents? Are there no truancy laws? DO THEY EVEN HAVE A SCHOOL?!?!
  • As previously mentioned, Ryder rescued all the dogs (per the Nick Jr website). Rubble had been a stray, and Everest had been living alone in an igloo, but how did he get the rest? Were they all strays too? If not, who on earth was like, "Oh, hey, let's go ahead and let this kid who lives alone and has no adult supervision adopt all of these dogs! PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE!!!"?

Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoy the show, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality show for their kids, but I just can't help but wonder all of these things whenever I see it.

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  1. It's a fucking cartoon you pleb. Why does Ash Ketchum get to go out and catch wild and dangerous creatures at 10 (pokemon)? why does a clearly child Rabbit look after her toddler brother (Max and Ruby)? ... because theyou are fucking cartoons!

    It's suppose to be so the child watching them can relate to the characters properly.

    Stop reading too much in to it. Your brain might start to hurt form all the thinking...

    1. I really appreciate your concern about my brain. It's so important to take good care of it! I'll keep your brain in my thoughts too (but not too many thoughts...wouldn't want to strain my brain, after all!).



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