Try, Try Again

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So last week when I found out that I hadn't ovulated, I was in a pretty bad place. I spent several hours laying in bed crying. I was about ready to just say I was done. Done putting myself through the pain, done putting my body through fertility treatments, done trying to have a baby entirely. I went to the doctor Tuesday, and though I'm still feeling a lot of trepidation, I am feeling better overall. We've got a new plan and new treatments to try, so I'm hopeful we'll have more success this way.

For the time being, we're done with Clomid. He has discussed maybe trying one more Clomid cycle, but he generally doesn't like to do more than four. I'm currently on Provera, since my progesterone was so low that my body probably wasn't going to menstruate on its own. Once my cycle starts, we'll be doing a monitored Femara cycle. Femara is a drug I haven't tried before; it's an estrogen inhibitor that is usually used to treat breast cancer. On day 13 of my cycle, I'll be having an ultrasound done to check my follicles, and if everything looks good, I'll be getting a trigger shot to help me ovulate.

If I don't get pregnant this cycle, we'll be doing more testing, both on me and Tom. Hopefully I respond well to the Femara, and we won't have to get to that point.

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