Wait, What: My Ovaries Edition

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Normally this is where I would write a post pointing out a bunch of things from some of my favorite movies/shows/books/music/etc. that make me go hmmmm, but I'm too angry, sad, and just all-around disappointed to write a post like that right now.

Instead, I'm going to do something I feel like I end up doing all too often, and point out some of the things that make me go hmmmm in regards to my own ovaries.

  • Remember a week and a half ago, when I got that feeling of dread that I hadn't ovulated this cycle? Was that you, trying to set me up to handle the disappointment better? If it was, it didn't work, because I'm taking it pretty damn hard.
  • 0.2? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! Look, I understand not ovulating, trust me, but you couldn't have done better than 0.2?!? And I thought my previous low of 0.5 was depressing...
  • Do I have a blocked tube or something? I guess I'll find out (maybe) when I go to the doctor next week to "discuss our options" and do more tests.
  • Why did you have to fail so miserably this cycle of all cycles? It's like whenever I'm thinking of a seasonally appropriate way to tell my husband that he's finally going to be a father, it's like you try extra hard to be like "NOPE! Not gonna happen. LOL". Stop being such douchecanoes.
  • With this most recent in a long string of failures, we are officially going to hit the four year mark of trying to have a baby. Four. Freaking. Years. I think that might be the worst part. Honestly, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.
  • Yup, pretty much.

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