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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

It occurred to me that the tone of this blog has been a little somber serious whiny lately. I've been talking about my infertility quite a bit, and while, generally, it is cathartic for me to talk about it here, I think it's also been making me a little crazy. I've been allowing myself to get too wrapped up in it, and losing bits of myself in the process.

So I decided to take a more lighthearted approach to this post.

Since all that is immediately evident from a first glance at my blog is that I'm bitterly infertile and watch too many cartoons aimed at preschoolers, I figured it might be a good idea to let readers get to know me a little better. One way I thought I could do this was by creating an A-Z list with some of my favorite things that begin with each letter :)

A - Amaretto Sour

photo from westsideliquor.com

I'm not a big drinker, but if I'm drinking at a bar or a restaurant or something, chances are that I'm drinking an amaretto sour. There is no cocktail (or any form of alcohol, for that matter) that I enjoy more (though I'm also partial to cheap champagne).

B - Biscuits and Gravy

My favorite food is biscuits and gravy (my dad's gravy, specifically). I'm pretty picky about it. A lot of restaurant gravies are too thick, or they don't have the flavor profile of my dad's, but I have found a few places where I can get passable biscuits and gravy. I'd make it myself, but I've never had the patience to make the gravy myself. My dad made me do it once when I was a kid, and it felt like I was stirring it for an hour straight. I should probably give it another go now that I'm an adult though (just like I need to give The Hobbit another try).

C - Chewing Gum

I LOVE gum. I pretty much always have a piece in my mouth (except when I'm sleeping). My favorite kinds of gum are Orbit Wintermint, 5 Flare (which I can never seem to find anywhere anymore), and the Trident Layers Sweet Cherry + Island Lime (which is somewhat elusive, but easier to find than 5 Flare).

D - Doctor Who

I'm a more recent fan of Doctor Who (within the last couple of years), but I really enjoy it. I've only watched the reboot so far though. As far as Doctors go, 9 is my favorite. I love 10, and I love 12, but I wasn't really a big fan of 11. Amy Pond is my favorite companion (which I find kind of funny since I disliked 11), and I also love Rose, Donna, and Captain Jack (but I still need to watch Torchwood).

E - Everywhere You Look

In case you haven't checked it out yet, this is the Full House podcast I do weekly with Tom. Not only do we enjoy doing the podcast, but it gives us something to do together each week and I think it has helped to bring us closer together.

F - Furbabies

their Christmas card photos -- excuse how ticked off Luna looks

Archie, Luna, Clover, and Egg make our lives so much richer. They are a constant source of joy, amusement, and comfort. I feel so blessed that these wonderful animals wandered into our lives.

G - Genealogy

I am a complete genealogy nerd. I get it from my mama. I spend hours searching through genealogical records, putting faces with names, and digging into my family history (which is both fascinating and a hot mess -- I've been thinking about blogging about it). I love discovering these connections, because it helps me to feel more connected to my family, my ancestors, and, strange as it may sound, to myself.

H - Hairspray 

I am a huge fan of musicals, and Hairspray is one of my favorites. When I was attending Indiana University, I volunteered at the auditorium, and in exchange, I got to see the shows I worked for free. When Hairspray came, they did three performances (it might have been five, but I'm not sure if I'm mixing it up with The Producers, which I also love), and I saw every single one. I am also a fan of both of the feature films. Let's face it, I pretty much am Tracy Turnblad (except that I can't sing).

I - Indiana University

I may not have graduated, I may be attending community college, and I may live down the street from Purdue University, but IU (and Bloomington) will always have my heart. Cream and crimson forever <3

J - Jennifer Lawrence

Apparently, it's no longer considered "cool" to love Jennifer Lawrence (rather like Coldplay, which I love, and Nickelback, which I don't), but I think she's fantastic. I love her movies, I love her sense of style, and I love how she's not afraid to speak her mind.

K - King's Island

King's Island, located just outside of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio, is my favorite amusement park (granted, I've only been to two, but King's Island was my favorite!). I've only been five times, but I've loved it each time I went, from 8 to 22. My favorite ride there is Flight of Fear, an indoor roller coaster that you ride in the dark.

L - Lemonade Mixed With Tea (AKA An Arnold Palmer)

I love tea. I love lemonade. I really love both of them together.

M - Muppets

I've always enjoyed the Muppets, but I didn't really appreciate them the way I do now until I met Tom. The Muppets are special to us, and will continue to be in the future. His favorite is Fozzie; mine is Rowlf.

N - "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" (Acoustic Version)

This Fall Out Boy song (studio version found on From Under The Cork Tree, acoustic version -- my favorite -- found on My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue) is my favorite song, and has been for quite some time. Tom doesn't like Fall Out Boy, but after hearing me and our friend Isaac singing this when we were first dating (Tom and I, not Isaac and I), he fell in love with this song too.

O - Oliver and Company

One of my favorite (incredibly underrated) Disney films. Adorable animals + literary inspiration + Billy Joel = magic.

P - Pistachio

My favorite flavor of pudding :) (and ice cream as a general flavor; I tend to love specialty flavors more than common ones).

Q - Quests

That I perform in video games, that is. I love video games, particularly fantasy sandbox games like The Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim has probably surpassed Super Mario World as my favorite game of all time) and the Fable series. Next week is my spring break, and you'd better believe there's going to be some Skyrim involved!

R - Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

My favorite film from my childhood. My grandma taped it for me off of the Disney Channel, and I'm pretty sure it's still at her house (I'll find out soon). I love this movie so much, that even when I was in college at IU, I actually paid to stream it from Amazon (and I considering how broke I was in those days, that's saying something). This movie has everything: a bratty villain, magical horses, a ginger, star sprinkles, a terrifying monster that will haunt your four-year-old dreams, and a ridiculously catchy theme song.

I want to watch it right now. I freaking love that movie.

S - Socks

I cannot begin to describe how much I love socks. If I'm not in water, I am wearing socks. There are very rare instances when this is not true, but I'm not really into sandals, though I kind of want to be. Feet freak me out though, even my own feet, and they're always cold (thanks, poor circulation!), so socks keep them covered and warm. I really enjoy fun printed socks.

T - Tom

My favorite person <3

U - Unicorns

Because, duh.

V - Vitamin String Quartet

I have always really enjoyed the way that string instruments sound together, and I was delighted when I stumbled across VSQ's covers of modern and popular songs. I actually walked down the aisle at our wedding to one of their covers (see N).

W - Weezer

Weezer is my favorite band, and has been for over a decade. I started listening to them when I was six (that's not an exaggeration). I love Rivers Cuomo's voice, and while some of their more recent stuff has been hit or miss, Pinkerton is pure perfection.

X - My Favorite Letter :)

X has always been my favorite letter. I think this stemmed from the fact that I have an X in my name, and as a child, I didn't know anyone else who did. It looks cool, it makes a fun sound, and it's a part of me.

Y - Yogurt

I like a lot of different kinds of yogurt. I've mostly been eating Greek yogurt for the past five years or so, but I also enjoy regular yogurt, and got to try Australian yogurt this past fall, which I loved (pumpkin Noosa FTW!). My favorite kind was the Chobani apple cinnamon, but they discontinued it; they have an apple cinnamon with oats now, but it's not as good. I really like Traders Point Creamery yogurt, which is made (fairly) locally in Zionsville, Indiana, but it's definitely more expensive than grabbing a cup of Yoplait of Fage, so it's more of a yogurt splurge (I also LOVE their chocolate milk).

Z - Zoo

I freaking love going to the zoo. I wanted to get married at the zoo (and if I would have been able to afford it, I would have). Whether it's a big zoo (like the Indianapolis Zoo) or a small zoo (like our local -- and fantastic! -- free zoo, Columbian Park Zoo), I always enjoy getting to see the animals up close (plus the last time we went to the Indianapolis Zoo, I met John Green and completely fangirled all over him like a lame-o).

My challenge to you, if you made it this far (four for you, Glen Coco!), is to come up with one of your favorite things that starts with the first letter of your name :)

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