Give and Take

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Before I had my ultrasound last week, I was thinking about how angry I was about it. Until I started fertility meds, I had always kind of assumed that when I had my first ultrasound, I'd be looking at my baby. Infertility took that away from me.

But then I realized how much time I spend fretting (and blogging) over what infertility has taken from me. While it has taken a lot from me, the truth is that it has also given me more than I had realized.

Because of my infertility, I am more sympathetic to others' struggles (infertility related or not).

Because of my infertility, I appreciate the more positive aspects of this journey (my 22mm follicle, a lack of side effects with Femara, the time I ovulated on Clomid, etc.) all the more.

Because of my infertility, and not in spite of it, my marriage with my husband has been strengthened as we tackle it together.

Because of my infertility, I have grown as a person.

Because of my infertility, I have realized just how strong I truly am.

Because of my infertility, I know that I will never take my future children for granted, because the very fact that they are in my life will be a miracle in and of itself.

Infertility sucks, of course; don't get me wrong. But it was nice to see that there have been a few silver linings.

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