Wait, What?: Gilmore Girls Edition

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I love Gilmore Girls. I'm pretty sure anyone who's ever SEEN Gilmore Girls loves Gilmore Girls. That said, there are a few things that even now, I still just don't get.

  • Where did Lane get all of her contraband? Obviously we know her mother isn't buying her band t-shirts and rock music. We do know that Rory gets Lane albums from a shop near Chilton, but she already had contraband before Rory started going to Chilton. Have Lorelai and Rory been sneaking it to her for years? Has she been having things secretly shipped to the Gilmores'? WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!?!
  • How did Lorelai not know in advance how much Chilton was going to cost? Are private schools really that sneaky about fees and prices? It seems odd to me that the costs wouldn't have been properly explained before an invitation to enroll was formally extended.
  • Do they really make suitcases as big as the one Lane was sent to South Korea with? I have seriously never seen one. Is there even room in the luggage compartment of a plane to fit a suitcase that large?

  • Does Christopher not understand the concept of co-parenting? Just because your ex-girlfriend is pregnant with your baby does not mean that you need to have a relationship with her. Clearly there was a reason you weren't together, so do you really think a baby is going to make things better? You can still be supportive of her and the pregnancy and still be a good father without being romantically involved with her.
  • Where did Rory's Harvard obsession come from?
  • Are C-section invitations really a thing? Why do you need a card for that?
  • Why did Dave Rygalski never come back? He was totally Lane's true love. Zach was just irritating (though he did step it up after Steve and Kwan were born).
  • Why did everyone just let Taylor run everything? Yeah, they did the whole election with Jackson and all, but why did it take so long for someone to actually attempt to make change?
  • WHY DID RORY NOT END UP WITH JESS?!?!?! Rory and Jess 4eva.
Teenage Jess was a jerk. Grown up Jess was perfect for Rory.

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