The End of the Road?

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Unfortunately, it looks like we may have reached the end of our journey in having a biological baby.

Now, it's still possible that it could eventually happen randomly, but the chances of it happening seem to be decreasing each day.

I did not respond well to Femara; even with a trigger shot, my progesterone level was only 10.8, which is extremely low for a medicated cycle. Because of this, my doctor thinks there is nothing left that he can do for me. He thinks I will need to move on to injectable medications, and is referring me to a reproductive endocrinologist. He wanted me to have an HSG done to make sure my tubes were unblocked, which was scheduled for next Tuesday. I received a call this morning telling me that when they tried to run it through the insurance, the insurance wouldn't cover it because it has to be coded under infertility. Without insurance, it's going to set me back over $2700, which I can't afford.

Up until now, since I was still seeing an OB/GYN, he was able to code things a little differently in order to make it more affordable for me. However, now that won't be the case. Which means I likely won't be able to continue treatment.

The funny part about this situation is that we chose this particular insurance because all prenatal visits were covered, and we thought we'd be pregnant this year. And now it turns out that it will probably never happen, and the coverage we're paying for isn't the coverage we need after all.

Last year, Tom and I had discussed continuing to try to have a biological baby this year, and then pursuing adoption next year if we didn't end up pregnant. A few months ago, we decided it might make more sense to start the foster-to-adopt process after we moved (which will be in the next few weeks). That hasn't changed. So in the next couple of months, we are going to begin the process to become foster parents.

Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. So many prayers to you both! I think foster-to-adoption is an awesome way to start a family, can't wait to read about your journey. Hugs :)



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