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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

blurry instagram pic from when we went to Olde Wrestling's Extravaganza in 2014

So I'm normally not one to pay attention to those cheesy Facebook chain games, but I saw one last night that was so delightfully cheesy that I couldn't help but partake in it. Basically, it's a list of questions to have your husband answer about you (I'm not sure who created it). I figured it would give us both some laughs, and it didn't disappoint in that regard. He had trouble with some of the questions, but a couple of them actually led to some deeper private discussion. All answers are direct quotes, and my input is in italics; if his answers seem weird in relation to the questions, it's because I asked him the questions allowed using "I" instead of "your wife".

1.) What is something your wife always says to you?
Pick that up (I don't actually say that, but he couldn't think of anything so he just made something up).

2.) What makes your wife happy?
Others' happiness.

3.) What makes your wife sad?
Others' sadness.

4.) How does your wife make you laugh?
When you get so giggly that you're laughing hardcore about something that I said.

5.) What was your life like as a child?
Cheesy (I'm amazed he didn't say evil Chinese baby, because that's how he usually describes me when I was really little).

6.) How old is your wife?
27 (he got that one right...probably because we're the same age for another couple of months).

7.) How tall is your wife?
5'6" (I'm actually a little taller than that)

8.) What is her favorite thing to do?
You have a lot of them, like plan. That's it. That's your favorite. (I do enjoy planning, but not as much as I enjoy some other things, like genealogy and reading)

9.) If your wife became famous, what would it be for?
A video of your childhood coming out, like a viral video of you at age 3 singing a song.

10.) What is your wife really good at?
Caring for others

11.) What does your wife not very good at?
Being assertive (that's definitely true)

12.) What does your wife do for a job?
You nanny (correct again)

13.) What is your wife's favorite food?
F**k if I know...chocolate? (biscuits and gravy, for the record)

14.) What makes you proud of your wife?
Lots of things. Again, how caring you are. And that you're going back to school and making that happen.

15.) If your wife were a character, who would she be?
You ARE a character. I don't know -- Mr. Peabody? ("I'm a dog?") A smartass.

16.) What do you and your wife do together?
Sit (often accurate...we spend most our time together chilling out after work)

17.) How are you and your wife different?
So many ways. You are much more outgoing that I am.

18.) How do you know your wife loves you?
You stick around when I'm an asshole.

19.) What does your wife like most about you?
I don't know -- how good I am with kids? (I definitely love that about him -- he'll be SUCH a great dad!)

20.) Where is your wife's favorite place to go?
Disney World (definitely accurate now!)

It was a lot of fun to see his answers and get a little glimpse into his head!

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