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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Our new place (which I will have pictures of up eventually, once things are unpacked and at least semi-decorated) has a room in the back that clearly was once a back porch, but which has since been enclosed and made into part of the house. It's our laundry room, but the washer and dryer are up against one wall, and there's still a lot of space that's not used (including a small storage area). It's too far from the router to turn into an office space once we start fostering (since we'll need to move the guest bed and Tom's computer out once we have a placement), so when I approached Tom with the idea of turning it into my craft room, he was totally on board (I offered it to him first, but I think he's just grateful that I'll have a spot to corral all my craft stuff).

That said, while this space needs to be functional, I want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Since the walls are a pale buttery yellow (and painting isn't an option), I'm going to be going with pastels; I was actually inspired by a decorative sign my aunt gave me for my birthday. I want it to be feminine, but still sleek and clean.

I'll definitely be putting it together on a budget, and trying to repurpose things we already have when possible. There will be a lot of DIY put into this craft room, but I'm really excited about it!

These are some spaces I like with organization ideas that I think would be useful:

from Unskinny Boppy

from HeatherBlu

from Nest of Posies
from Pink Chalk Studio
from IHeart Organizing

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