A New Chapter

Monday, August 03, 2015

Friday was my last day as a nanny. I started last week at my new job, teaching preschool again. I'm excited about this new opportunity, but it's very bittersweet for me.

I started working for my nanny family two and a half years ago. When I started, Little J had just turned three a couple of weeks prior, and Baby Z was 15 months. Now, Little J is 5 1/2 and starting kindergarten in the next couple of weeks, Baby Z will be four in October, and Slugger is just a little older than Baby Z was when I started.

I have been through so much with these kids. I comforted them when both of their beloved dogs passed within a few months of each other (and helped them adjust when they got a new dog this past winter). I helped them welcome their baby brother to the family. I've introduced them to new foods, new music, new books, and new TV shows (not to mention that I got them hooked on Tangled!). We've had some crazy conversations, like why I can't breastfeed the baby, how food turns to poop in your body, and Little J's insistence that I'm going to be pregnant with twins someday "or maybe triplets -- that means three!". I've wiped their butts, tucked them into bed, and loved them exactly as they are. It's going to be an adjustment not seeing them as much (for Tom too; he freaking loves those kids).

But they have given me so much. They have taught me to be more patient, to be more understanding, and to love harder through frustration.They have given me the tiniest glimpse into what it's like to be a parent. They remind me to maintain some childlike wonder as I look at the world. They have really helped me up my multitasking game; I'm a pro at juggling three kids out in public now! Mostly, they have given me their love and trust, and I cherish that.

Because of these kids, I will be a better mother. And I will never be able to thank them enough.

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