Not Enough Time in the Day

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I began working (temporarily, for now, anyway) full-time. I haven't actually worked full-time in years (at least not at one single job). When I was nannying, I worked full days, but I only worked two or three days a week. I might have been full-time when I worked at Walmart in 2011-2012 (I don't remember if I was full-time or not -- if not, I was pretty close), but other than that, I haven't worked full-time since before I moved to Lafayette five years ago.

I've forgotten how utterly exhausting it is.

I wake up exhausted because I don't sleep well and I'm not a morning person.

I come home exhausted because I spend my afternoons with 12 two-year-olds who are all over the place all the time.

When I come home, I really should be doing my homework (I'm a full-time student as well), but half the time, I'm too exhausted to do that. I don't want to do anything but veg (which is another problem in and of itself).

It really helps me see Tom in a different light. Every time he would come home from work and not feel like doing anything, I usually thought he was just trying to use it as an excuse to get out of helping around the house.

No, he was definitely exhausted.

I have so much more respect for him now. Not to mention all of the parents who work full-time -- I can't imagine doing this after we receive a placement!

In the meantime, I'm trying to schedule my time wisely, but it can be so hard to create a healthy work/life balance (especially when I much prefer the life side!). Optimally, I only have a semester left of school (I might have to take one or two summer courses though, depending on whether or not they'll let me take all of the courses I need to in the same semester), so hopefully things will calm down after that (unless I decide that I really am a glutton for punishment and keep on going for my Bachelor's like I had originally planned).

I think I'd be okay if I could just sleep for a week straight.

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