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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Last Monday, I wrecked my car.

Now this wasn't just any car, this was my grandma's car. She left it to me when she died. She knew that it was sometimes difficult for Tom and I to get where we needed to be with only one car between the two of us (when I was working at the last preschool I worked at, I took the bus home), and she wanted me to be able to have the freedom to get around when I needed. I was extremely grateful, of course (it really did make our lives so much easier!), though I would have much rather had my grandma.

I called it Peppy II, because she had called her previous car Peppy. She was a black 2010 Nissan Altima, and she was like new when I got her; since my grandma's health had been declining, she had barely used it, and it had around 2,200 miles on it. It had a little less than 8,000 when I wrecked (and a nearly full tank of gas, so that's like $35 I'll never get back).

Peppy II sustained a lot of damage, but I didn't think it was bad enough to total it. My airbags didn't even deploy. I hurt my elbow when it hit the console (and I apparently hit my stomach on the steering wheel or something, because I ended up with a big nasty bruise on my stomach), but other than that, I didn't have any injuries. Mostly I was just upset that I wrecked my grandma's car.

Peppy II on the tow truck jack - @thealexbgreen on Instagram
Thankfully, I added the rental car coverage to our insurance policy, so I was able to get a rental car. From last Tuesday until yesterday afternoon, I was driving a 2015 Ford Escape, which I really liked.

the first rental car, a 2015 Ford Escape - @thealexbgreen on Instagram

I had talked to the insurance company a few times, but just about the accident. I figured the body shop would call when they had news. Tuesday I was tired of waiting (it had been over a week!), so I called them. They told me my car was totaled.

And I sobbed.

I came home for my break (I had called on my way to my car) and just collapsed into Tom's arms. This had been my grandma's car, and I had gone and wrecked it. Even though I have some of her things, and I obviously have all my memories of her, knowing that I wouldn't have her car anymore felt like I was losing another part of her, and I just couldn't deal with it.

Later that I day I got a call from the rental company, saying that they had sold the car I was driving and I needed to bring it back in and switch, which I did yesterday. The agent was going to give me a Chevy Equinox (which would have been awesome, since I'm considering getting one), but he saw that it had been recalled, so he offered me, a choice between a really nice Buick Lacrosse and a Chevy Tahoe. I went with the much more gas efficient Lacrosse; it's a super nice car, but it feels way too fancy for me (leather, leather everywhere...).

After getting the Buick, I headed to the body shop to collect my stuff from my car. It was a pretty emotional experience for me. I gathered my rather random assortment of belongings (including my favorite flats, Archie's blankie, and our Christmas tree), thanked the car for its service, and then apologized to it for what happened.

a close-up of the damage - @thealexbgreen on Instagram

So I'm going to be shopping for a new car. I'm not sure what I want yet. I'm leaning toward a small SUV or crossover (which is what I usually like -- my last car, which was our only car for a bit, but is now Tom's car, is a Hyundai Santa Fe), but I'm also kind of considering a minivan. When I was nannying, I really loved driving their Chrysler Town & Country, but I also think I'd look ridiculous with a minivan. We don't have any kids right now, and even once we're licensed and get a placement, we'll only have one or two. When I picked out the Santa Fe five years ago, I did it thinking it would be practical for filling with kids, and we all know how well that turned out. I'm worried a minivan will just be a repeat of that, but on a more extreme scale.

But even though I'm not really a sedan girl, I really did love Peppy II, and I will miss her (and the part of my grandma that she represented for me) dearly.

Rest in peace Peppy II. I hope you're enjoying that highway in the sky.

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  1. I thought at first from the fender picture that maybe the car could be fixed, but the picture of the motor being crushed appears to be just too much. Sorry about your loss, and if I were you I would just focus on the good things that are going to be coming your way. Enjoy those memories that the two of you shared.

    Kourtney @ Thomas Sales and Service Ford



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