Baby Steps

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I've kind of alluded to it in the past, but I'm pretty much a slob.

It's weird, because I'm extremely organized in my head, but not really organized at all in practice. I've always really wanted to be organized. I want my house to always be clean enough that people can come over at a moment's notice without me freaking out.

As with many things in my life, I get really excited and get on a cleaning kick and then I just kind of...stop. It all becomes overwhelming, or the results aren't happening as quickly as I would like, and I get overwhelmed, and I get sad, and I get frustrated. So I kind of just give up, and I give into my laziness, and the mess and clutter pile up again.

I'm in a cleaning group on Facebook, and one of them mentioned following A Slob Comes Clean. I decided to check it out, and started with the first post, making my way forward. I'm not that far into it (only about a month into her journey), but as I kept reading posts, all I could think was, "I could have written this". As she went on her journey to creating helpful habits, one thing that really seemed to help her was creating one new thing every week that was something she had to do daily. By creating (and sticking to!) these baby steps, she was able to keep her home cleaner and more organized.

I think this idea is something that would benefit me.

For me, how chaotic my house is and how chaotic my life feels reflect one another, so I think that getting my life more organized will help me keep the house more organized. Tonight I made sure lunches were packed, I got yogurt portioned out into grab 'n go containers, and the boys' clothes as well as my own were laid out. This will make the morning run so much more smoothly, and just knowing that all of that was taken care of felt really good.

So even though the week is almost half over at this point, my goal for this week is to make sure I have the boys' clothes laid out each night before I go to bed.

Hopefully building up habits over time will lead to a much cleaner, more organized home (and life) over time!

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