Life Lately - June & July 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

This summer has been a lot busier than I had previously anticipated. I hadn't meant to neglect the blog, but apparently that's what happened. I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!

All photos are from Instagram :)

We kicked off June by attending the opener of Lafayette's new Prospect League baseball team, the Lafayette Aviators. We didn't end up staying for the whole game, because Nolie just couldn't handle it. I ended up getting Tom tickets to some games for Father's Day, so he's been taking Jamie, who LOVES going. He's obsessed with the team's Mascot, Ace, who he says is his best friend. They've become such good buddies that Tom was told that Jamie is known as "Ace's best friend" around the stadium. We have been so incredibly impressed with and touched by how great everyone has been with our boy, as well as all of the ways they try to make the games fun for the whole family (super soaker nights, movies on the field, special guests like Elsa and Spiderman, etc.). I'm taking Jamie to a game this week, and I can't wait to see how he interacts with everyone!

I won tickets from a local radio station for the Taste of Chaos tour stop in Indianapolis. My inner 16-year-old went crazy! Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday are bands I've loved for over a decade, so it was amazing to see them in concert (even though TBS didn't play my favorite TBS song, "Set Phasers To Stun"). The Early November (who I listened to a bit in college) and Saosin (who I'd never heard of) opened the show. Best of all, my best friend Dominique won tickets too, so Tom and I got to spend the evening with her and her brother Isaac (they're both HUGE Dashboard fans).

Nolie got glasses (and it's the cutest thing ever -- I can't wait until I can show people)! My poor baby is farsighted, has astigmatism, and a lazy eye, but the glasses have been helping a lot. Thankfully, he loves wearing them; he cried the first night when he had to take them off for bedtime. Now we just have to work on getting him to not push his glasses up by the lenses!

We also started planning his Mickey Mouse birthday party (which is now less than two weeks away - gah!). I'm so excited, but there's still so much to do. I've been waiting years to be able to plan a birthday party for my child, and I can't believe that time is finally here! I can't believe my baby is almost three!

We made another trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which is always a fun time. Indiana foster parents can get a free 1-year membership, and it's been such a blessing. We're definitely planning on renewing it when our free year is up though, because the boys have such a good time. I think the price is definitely worth it! We'll be going back in August; the boys have been patiently waiting for the Doc McStuffins exhibit to open!

In mid-June, we took the boys to one of our favorite local festivals, Taste of Tippecanoe. They got to try a lot of different foods, people watch, pick out a couple of new books at Main Street Books, and see some fireworks! We were grateful to be able to see how they did with fireworks before Independence Day; they loved them (the Taste always has really great fireworks).

We celebrated Independence Day by attending an annual celebration at the church some of our friends attend. They got to hula hoop with Jamie's buddy Ace, play in bounce houses, hang out with loved ones, and see fireworks; they had a blast (pun intended)! These pictures actually aren't on Instagram as of this post's publication, so if you're not my Facebook friend, these are brand new to my readers.

I've been pretty busy at work this summer. Since preschool is out for the summer, I've mostly been floating around between the 1-3-year-olds, helping with lunch and getting them down for nap, but I've also been filling in with the preschool-aged kids when one of the summer teachers has been out, so it's been a lot busier than I anticipated. I've also been an extra chaperone for field trips, which has been awesome (movies, swimming, the zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, mini's been quite a summer!). Nolie's class doesn't go on field trips, and Jamie has had to miss several because of his therapy appointments, but he's LOVED the swimming trips he's gotten to go on, and he had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese! They've both gotten to participate in many of the fun activities they've held at the day care, like water balloon day.

Thankfully, we've been able to take the boys some of the places he's had to miss, like the park and the zoo. We actually have a small free zoo at one of the local parks, and it's way better than you would ever expect a free zoo in a park in a mid-sized Indiana city to be. The boys loved the zoo, especially getting to pet a boa constrictor named Julius Squeezer!

Nolie had his evaluation done for a special needs preschool (he has a significant speech delay). They're recommending he go three days a week, and we have his case conference tomorrow to set up his IEP and get everything in place. This will be Jamie's last year of preschool before kindergarten (excuse me while I go sob), and he'll be going five days a week. It's going to be an adjustment for all of us!

We've also had a busy summer of medical appointments, from neurologists to gastroenterologists to ophthalmologists. Last week, Jamie had a 24-hour EEG test to see if his staring spells were seizures, so he and I headed down to Indy to spend time with the capable staff of Riley pediatrics. We don't have any results yet though. He was great in the hospital, an absolute champ. He was so patient and never complained. He seriously spent almost eight hours of our time there playing with Lego Duplo blocks. He's amazing with anything medical-related, thank goodness. When I was a kid, my dad would always get us a milkshake after having any kind of procedure, because that's what my grandparents did for him when he was a kid (and boy, did my dad have a lot of procedures...he was such an accident prone kid); I decided we should continue that tradition :)

Also, in an extremely surprising move, Jamie's favorite thing is now Pokemon instead of Power Rangers (he still LOVES Power Rangers though!).

So that's what we've been up to this summer. I get back to preparing my classroom for preschool this week, and with Nolie's birthday coming up and the boys' first day of school right after, it looks like it's going to be a busy August as well!

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