To Sleep Perchance To Dream: A ZzzQuil Review

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows that I have long struggled with insomnia. And by long, I mean since I was a kid. Like, not even in double digits yet kid. It's always been a problem.

I've tried a few things to help me sleep before. I've taken Ambien and melatonin at various times (not at the same time!); both helped, but I was unable to get my Ambien prescription refilled (I had gotten it at the campus health center shortly before I was kicked out of IU). I don't know why I don't take Melatonin regularly; I think on some level I feel like I kind of deserve to feel like crap all the time (thank goodness I'm starting therapy again next week!).

When I received a survey from Influenster to see if I would be interested in trying a sleep aid, I was all

I ended up being selected, and I received a night's dose of ZzzQuil to try for free for testing purposes.

On the night I decided to try it, I busted out my Apollo 13 glass to mark the occasion; everything just seems to feel more important when I use my vintage commemorative glasses (I have Apollo 11, Apollo 12, and Apollo 13 -- 50 cents each at an estate sale!).

Why yes, that IS a JC Chasez bobblehead in the background. 

Even though I knew better, I was a little saddened by the lack of instant gratification. I did not feel magically tired, and it was a bit of a bummer. However, once the rational part of my brain won out over the part that still acts like a toddler, I was fine, and pleasantly pleased to find myself getting a bit drowsy 30-40 minutes later. Fifteen minutes later, I was in bed, with Friends pulled up on Netflix on my phone (face down, because I need music or a TV show/movie on in order to sleep -- I've been like that since I was a kid too).

I'm not sure I even made it to the main plot of the episode before I was out.

I did not wake up at all throughout the night, even though I often wake up because Luna is meowing around my head or shoving her butt in my face, or Archie is doing his best to burrow between me or Tom, or because Tom has taken the blanket for his own and I am freezing to death, or because my children wake up at an ungodly hour and feel the need to shout loudly, regardless of whether they're trying to play together or bite each other.

But that night? Nada. And I was perfectly fine with that.

Over the summer, I usually didn't have to be at work until ten, but I still liked to set an alarm for 7:00 just in case I was actually able to get up and be productive. This very rarely actually happened, and most of the time, if I WAS up at seven, it's because the boys were at each other's throats. That morning, I happened to sleep through that particular alarm.

However, I always set at least two (usually three) alarms, so when my second alarm went off at 7:45, not only did I hear it, but I was able to get up without hitting snooze three times (my phone won't let me hit snooze more than three times...apparently, 15 minutes is the maximum you're allowed to sleep in past your alarm. Also, what's up with this five minute snooze function? Everyone knows snooze is supposed to garner you another nine minutes of sleep).

I actually didn't dread getting out of bed. Prying my eyes open didn't require a crowbar. I didn't stumble to the bathroom like a zombie with incredibly unfortunate frizz.

I felt...rested.

And that's not something I feel often.

I haven't gotten any more ZzzQuil since I took it, mostly because I'm cheap, but I'm definitely considering purchasing it again.

Maybe I can convince myself that I do deserve a good night's sleep. I've tasted it -- and it was delicious.

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