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Monday, September 05, 2016

Have you heard of LuLaRoe?

Who am I kidding, of course you have. But on the off chance that you haven't, LuLaRoe is a network-based marketing company that sells clothes aimed at being both stylish and comfortable. 

LuLaRoe is becoming well known for the amazing prints they produce, particularly for the leggings. There are your traditional prints like polka dots and geometrics, but also more unusual prints like unicorns, donuts, and toy car rugs. They have only produce 2500 pieces in each print, so they certain prints can be hard to track down, but you're also unlikely to run into someone with the exact same outfit as you.

Their leggings are their most well-known pieces, but they also have a variety of tops, skirts, and dresses available.

When I had first heard about LuLaRoe, I was a bit skeptical. They supposedly sold clothing that fits up to a size 26, but I never seem to find anything that actually looks good on my body. I love shopping, but I hate trying on and buying clothes for myself, because it's just depressing to feel like a manatee no matter what you're wearing. Since I'm already iffy about buying clothes at the store, I was even more iffy about buying clothes through an online pop-up sale.

But then my friend Katrina Price became a  LuLaRoe consultant.

I've known Katrina since high school, where she was my peer advisor (sort of like a junior RA). She was sweet enough to send us some gifts when we first got the boys. Katrina is a consultant that I can trust. 

She asked me if she could send me a shirt and leggings in exchange for writing a review. This worked out really well for me, since I was hesitant to make a purchase myself. This way, I could try out some of the pieces and see how they fit before making a financial investment (not only do I hate buying clothes, I hate paying a lot for the clothes I do buy -- I know that I should be willing to invest in high quality pieces, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it because I'm so cheap when it comes to myself).

Clearly, this is not a fashion blog.

I chose an Irma top with a beautiful watercolor floral print, and a pair of coordinating turquoise leggings.

First, the leggings.

The leggings come in two sizes (One Size -- OS -- for sizes 0-12, and Tall & Curvy -- TC -- for sizes 12-20). Clearly, I fall into the TC category.

Everyone says they're the softest leggings ever. LuLaRoe describes them as "buttery soft". I didn't see the big deal; I mean, they're leggings, right? How soft can they be?  

Well, they are soft. Super soft. They feel like fleece to the touch. However, they don't feel like fleece when you're wearing them (temperature-wise, anyway). I wore them on a 70 degree day, and again on an almost 90 degree day, and they weren't any hotter on the 90 degree day than they were on the 70 degree day. 

The leggings are SO comfortable, and I absolutely plan to buy more! They feel like they're made well, so I'm hoping I won't have to deal with the holes that come with chafing any time soon.

A close-up look of the fabric of my Irma top.
The Irma top is an asymmetrical tunic. It has a regular tunic length in the front, but it's longer in the back (enough to totally cover your butt and then some, making it excellent for wearing leggings!). 

They recommend you size down on Irma 1-2 sizes. I was hesitant to size down too much, so I sized down one size to an XL; when I tried it on, I kind of wished I hadn't. The fabric was a lot more clingy than I had originally anticipated; it turned out it was 95% polyester, 5 % spandex. The tops are made of different fabrics (for example, Katrina owns an Irma made of cotton), so a different fabric might fit me differently. Despite the fact that I felt like it was too clingy when I first put it on, over the course of the day, I felt like it looked and felt better. I'd like to try on a 2x sometime to see how the fit compares.

The Irma has dolman sleeves, and the sleeves were probably the tightest part for me (that's normal for me though). The length is great; I never felt like I wasn't covered up enough. My biggest issue with this particular Irma was that the polyester fabric made it super warm; I'm sure it will be much more comfortable in the winter.

Something I really love about the Irma is that it's really versatile. If I had a skirt that coordinated, I could easily pair it with a skirt in a tee-like capacity. I'm already picturing how awesome it could look under my grey wool jumper when the weather gets cooler. It would also look super cute with jeans.

Overall, I've been pretty pleased with this LuLaRoe experience, and am very excited to expand my LuLaRoe wardrobe (I'd really love to get a Nicole dress!).

In order to help you start your own journey with LuLaRoe, Katrina is offering a free pair of leggings to one lucky Bergalicious reader! Entering is really easy -- just go join Katrina's LuLaRoe group on Facebook, and then come back here and leave a comment on this post letting me know that you've joined! Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm EST on Thursday, September 8th.

If you hurry and join, you can take part in Katrina's second pop-up sale, running from 8pm EST on Tuesday, September 6th to 8pm EST on Wednesday, September 7th.

Best of luck!

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  1. I've heard so much about this brand and am intrigued...So I joined :)

  2. Lularoe is my absolute favorite. I joined the group :)

  3. Joined! And I actually just ordered LLR for the first time, the same outfit you got!! Can't wait to try. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Heard about LLR through MOPSNext. Hesitant to look, but I trust your judgement -- if Alex likes them, they're ok by me ;0)

  5. I just joined! I've been really curious about this brand, and want to try their leggings, but I'd love to try them first. You look amazing in that photo, by the way, and the outfit is spot on.
    Alexandra Pflug

  6. I joined �� -Christina Cannon

  7. I joined! I've struggled with feeling beautiful and feminine in my clothes lately. I would love to win some!

  8. I joined! I've struggled with feeling beautiful and feminine in my clothes lately. I would love to win some!



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