10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Sunday, December 18, 2016

So even though I don't have a lot of readers anymore since I don't really blog regularly anymore, I do still have a small group of loyal readers (thank you for still coming here and reading my ridiculousness!), and I feel like you loyal readers have gotten to know me pretty well over the past 5 1/2+ years. However, I'm more than what I've put online.

So for readers old and new, here are ten things that may surprise you about yours truly:

1.) I'm pretty handy. My grandparents owned a hardware store for the majority of my childhood, and my dad made sure I knew what tools did what from a young age. My grandpa used to teach me how to do things with my hands (add a switch to a lamp, properly wax a car, etc.) in exchange for driving lessons. Whenever we make a trip to IKEA, I'm the one who puts together the furniture. When it comes to general, simple repairs, I'm your girl.

2.) I played softball for eight years (and even boys' league baseball one year). This might be a bit surprising since I'm so overweight and terribly unathletic. I generally enjoyed playing, but I was kind of terrible at everything but hitting (and I was afraid of fly balls). I moved my sophomore year and didn't play any more after that, but at that point, I was kind of over it. However...

3.) I did play on a varsity team in high school. But it definitely wasn't softball. It was bowling, and I'm pretty terrible at that too. However, bowling is like the one thing I suck at that I really love. I was a senior, so they would have put me on varsity anyway, but there weren't enough girls for a JV team so we were all varsity (and we barely had enough for a varsity team). So I have a legit varsity letter. I'm pretty sure it's in a box with my other letters and chevrons (my first high school gave letters for band, but they made sure to put "band" on them, just so nobody would mistake you for someone who had a "real" letter). I never did have a jacket, though I always kind of wanted one.

4.) My first fictional crush was Adam from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Everybody else was into Tommy, but I always hated his hair. Adam, on the other hand, was totally my type. So brooding. So angsty. So 90's. So attractive.

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5.) I can't eat bone-in meat. My dad loves to tease me about it, but it weirds me out. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

6.) I'm mildly allergic to most environmental allergens. I spend a significant portion of the year with watery eyes, a runny nose, and a never ending need of Kleenex. I should probably take meds for it, but growing up, we pretty much only took medication if it was getting serious, and it's hard for me to break that habit even now (though only with myself -- I tend to be overly cautious with the kids).
7.) I don't really like hot coffee. I love iced coffee, and will drink it even when the temperature is below zero (as I have been here recently). I like tea iced or hot though, though if it's not sweet tea or an Arnold Palmer, I generally prefer tea hot. When I go to Starbucks, I often get iced tea or hot chocolate. I do like the occasional hot drink though (I really enjoy chestnut praline lattes).

8.) Despite the fact that I'm a Protestant kid from Indiana, I grew up celebrating Mardi Gras with my mom. By celebrating, I mean we'd all put on beads, decorate the house, and slice up a king cake. I was always really fascinated by the English Mardi Gras tradition of pancake races that I read about in my Charlie Brown 'Cyclopedia, but we never put those into practice.

9.) As a kid, I assigned myself homework in the summer. For fun. The summer after third grade, I would create geography reports (complete with construction paper flags!) to present to my dad. The summer after fourth grade, I read the dictionary up through the letter "E". In a different time and/or place, I probably would have ended up with my head in a toilet or shoved inside a locker more than once.

10.) I had a lot of career plan changes growing up: Care Bear, firefighter, astronaut, president, lawyer, naval officer, racecar driver, actress, lawyer, pediatrician, geneticist, and history teacher. The actress goal was the most persistent, lasting most of my youth. I had actually planned to double major in education and theatre in college, but it would have taken extra long to complete my degrees, so I decided to focus on education instead. I really loved acting, and wish I would have had the opportunity to do more of it. If I could actually sing, my dream role would have been Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray (though in my younger years, I was convinced I'd win a Tony for portraying Dorothy in a stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz).

These things are all on the random side, but each one is a little piece of the puzzle that makes up who I am :)

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