Sunday, December 04, 2016

(The title of the post is supposed to be to the M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song...and now I can't get it out of me head).

Two very important things that have happened in the last few months have been the boys' birthdays (well, Jeffery's was in August, before my last post, but I didn't even have the pictures on the computer  yet at the time). 

Even as a little kid, years before Pinterest was a thing, I dreamed of the Pinterest-y parties. I've always enjoyed planning parties, and I have been looking forward to throwing parties for my own kids for years. I made Pinterest boards. I made lists. I had goals. I started planning months in advance, but as always seems to happen, time and financial constraints caused many of my plans to not come to fruition.

The important thing, however, is that despite all the shortcomings I saw, the boys had an awesome time. That's what really matters.

For Jeffery's early August birthday, we got lucky with some amazing weather, and his Mickey Mouse-themed party at a local park worked out perfectly.

I was especially scrambling with his party.  I was at the shelter frosting cupcakes even as guests were arriving (arriving slightly earlier than expected, but arriving nonetheless). Thankfully, the first early guests were my grandparents, and my granny, who used to have an event planning business and a floral shop, helped put up streamers for me while I finished up with the food. 

Speaking of food...

Since it was a Mickey-themed party, and Jeffery is just a tad obsessed with the Hot Dog Dance (I'll discuss that a little more later this week), we had a hot dog bar. The shelter I rented had electricity, so I threw a bunch of hot dogs in the crockpot and set out toppings. It worked out really well, and it didn't break the bank! We also had chips and dip, a veggie tray, macaroni and cheese (made by my sweet granny), Mickey Mouse cupcakes, tea, and punch.

The cupcakes were the most Pinterest-y thing at the party (probably because I actually found the idea on Pinterest, specifically this video from How To Cook That). Basically, they're regular cupcakes with brownie Mickey icons inside when you cut them open. She topped hers with chocolate Mickeys, but I added mini Oreo ears to mine. I didn't get a photo of the inside of one with my good camera, but I took one with my phone after I made the first batch. People were impressed even though half of them didn't really look much like Mickey on the inside.

There wasn't a whole lot going on decoration-wise. I chose a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-inspired color palette (red, yellow, blue, green, and black). The colors were represented in the plates, cups, silverware, tablecloths, and streamers. I got Jeffery a Mickey Mouse balloon bouquet. I caved and paid too much for a cardboard clubhouse cupcake stand, but as a friend of ours pointed out, it would be great for displaying the boys' Tsum Tsum collection.

The birthday boy enjoyed being the center of attention...

...and he ESPECIALLY enjoyed his favorite present -- a Kalisto mask.

I had originally planned on doing both parties in one post, but this is getting a bit long, so Eric's Pokemon-themed party will have to wait until tomorrow :)

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