Pokémon Party, I Choose You!

Monday, December 05, 2016

In yesterday's post, I talked about planning Jeffery's third birthday party. It was my first time being fully responsible for a child's party, and it was definitely a learning experience. I took that experience and applied it when planning Eric's birthday party.

The biggest issue was always going to be location. Jeffery's summer birthday meant that an outdoor party was certainly in the realm of possibility, but I knew that although our Novemebers have generally been mild lately (and this year's was no exception), an indoor party would be necessary. Our house is too small, so that's out of the question. We also have big families, so we had to look into places with a capacity to hold everyone.

Thankfully, around Jeffery's birthday, we noticed a sign in the window of our favorite local candy shop, Kathy's Kandies, saying that they would be opening up a party room soon. Tom has known Kathy's son for years, so he talked to her about it, and she said it would be ready by Eric's birthday. And just like that, we had a location.

Side note: If you're local, I can't recommend Kathy's enough. The price is reasonable, and the staff is SUPER helpful!

I had already decided to have the party at 2pm so we could get away with not serving a meal. I had originally planned on having light appetizers, but I ended up nixing that idea a couple of days before the party, and I ended up being glad that I did. Everyone seemed content to just have cupcakes.

As for the cupcakes, I knew I wouldn't have time to make them myself, so I accepted defeat and placed an order at the Target bakery (they were really good!). I did, however, arrange them into a pokéball-ish shape, since Eric wanted a Pokémon party.

My original plan had been to make the party more pokéball-focused (he's oddly obsessed with them). The one thing he had been saying he wanted at his party for months was a pokéball-shaped balloon from Party City. When I went to order his balloons, THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY. I was devastated. I decided to get a couple of regular mylar Pokémon balloons and, making a quick decision to use Eric's favorite Pokémon, Bulbasaur, as color inspiration, added some blue and green latex balloons.

I extended the green and blue thing to the plates and streamers (this was also the first time I ever got streamers to twist even remotely properly for me).

For the cups, however, I went with yellow and drew little Pikachu faces on them. It was time consuming, but it was a cute little touch that a lot of people really liked.

My favorite thing (other than the Pikachu cups) was the pokéball birthday banner I made. The balls themselves were easy to make with construction paper, and I borrowed the letters from bulletin boards and displays in my classroom. The birthday boy LOVED it!

I also made little pokéballs by coloring styrofoam balls with Sharpies. They were kind of a hot mess, but they were a big hit with the kids!

Since we were indoors and the kids didn't have space to run around, I figured we should have games. I had wanted to do a few, but we ended up only doing one -- a pin the tail on the donkey-esque game from Party City called Catch Charizard. Children took turns placing a pokéball on the poster while blindfolded, trying to get as close to the circle as possible.

Originally, Kathy and I had discussed doing a candy bar for favors, but the day of the party, she asked what I thought about having cotton candy made for the kids right in front of them. I knew the kids would LOVE that, so we ended up going that route. The birthday boy got to pick the cotton candy, and he chose blue. Blue sugar goo was everywhere by the time the kids were done, but they were happy and delighted, and really, that's what matters.

As much as I enjoyed planning the boys' parties, I'm glad we're done for the year. The next one is eight months from now.

Guess I better get planning, huh?

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