Saving on Walt Disney World Resort Tickets

Monday, April 03, 2017

When you want to experience Disney World, the most important component of a visit to the parks is the tickets! Unfortunately, tickets can be the most expensive part of the trip. Fortunately, you can save money on them!

The Basics

Disney World tickets all start with the Magic Your Way base ticket. The more days you spend in the parks, the less you'll pay per day. For example, for an adult (which is anyone 10 or older at Disney), a two day ticket that allows you to enter one park per day will run you $199 per ticket, or $99.50 per day. A five day ticket, on the other hand is $370 per ticket, or $74 per day. If you get a 10 day ticket (the highest you can purchase), you pay only $44 per day! If you'd like to spend more than a couple of days in the parks, it's certainly worth it to weigh your options!

One day tickets are a bit more tricky, as Disney's calendar is divided into "seasons", based on attendance: Value, Regular, and Peak. If you buy a one day ticket, the price will vary depending on the season you'll be using it in, as well as the park (Magic Kingdom tickets cost more).

In addition to the base tickets, there are some ways to enhance your tickets (at a price, of course). These options have recently undergone some changes.

The most prevalent option is the Park Hopper option; this allows you to enter multiple parks per day (even all four parks per day, if you want!). The price for this add-on depends on the number of days on your ticket. For 2 and 3 day tickets, there is an additional $60 per ticket; for 4-10 day tickets, there is an additional $75 per ticket.

If you purchase the park hopper option, you also have the option to upgrade your ticket to a Park Hopper Plus (replacing the former Water Park Fun & More option, which was available even without a Park Hopper). With Park Hopper Plus (an additional $15 per ticket), you can visit Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Oak Trail Golf Course, Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, or Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course. The number of available visits is the same as the number of days on your ticket , so a 5 day ticket would afford you 5 visits, a 3 day ticket would have 3 visits, etc. The only exception is a 1 day ticket, which includes 2 visits. You can use those visits in any combination you want. If you had a 5 day Park Hopper Plus Ticket, you could use all five visits at Blizzard Beach, or do one visit to Blizzard Beach, one to Winter Summerland, two to Oak Trail, and one to ESPN. It's all up to you!

So  now that you understand how Magic Your Way tickets work, how can you save money on them?

Authorized Ticket Sellers

One of my favorite ways to save on tickets is to use an authorized ticket seller, like Undercover Tourist. These tickets are completely legit, and are authorized by Disney, but they're discounted! It's not a huge discount, mind you, but every little bit adds up! You can have the ticket mailed to you, or you can have it emailed to you (I opted for e-tickets when we used Undercover Tourist); once you have your tickets, it's super easy to enter them into My Disney Experience and get them connected with the Disney reservation system.

The one caveat with authorized ticket sellers, however, is that you cannot purchase the dining plan (if you want it) unless you are staying at a Disney Vacation Club property. For anyone NOT staying at a DVC property, the dining plan must be purchased as part of a package that includes your park tickets and a Disney resort room. If you're not interested in the dining plan though (and there are definitely pros and cons!), this can be a great option!

Consider An Annual Pass

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but bear with me; it seemed that way to me at first too, until I heard the logic behind it.

A Disney Platinum Pass will run you $779. If you plan on spending more than ten days in the parks per year, this can be a great deal; however, even if you're planning a shorter stay, it can still be beneficial for one person in your party to have an annual pass because of the benefits it includes.

What are those benefits?

  • Admission to all four theme parks
  • Park Hopper included
  • Memory Maker is included
  • Discounts on dining and merchandise (up to 20%)
  • Free parking at theme parks
  • Discounts on resort rooms
If you add up the cost of the savings from these perks, the annual pass can definitely be worth it! Room discounts alone can be 35%!

Book A Package

Sometimes, but not always, a package will be cheaper than the price of the components individually. As with all things related to planning a Disney vacation, I definitely encourage you to do the math and figure out what works best for your family!

Discounted Gift Cards

As I mentioned yesterday, I love to use discounted gift cards to pay for our Disney vacations (I purchase mine at Target to save 5% with my REDcard, but you can get them at Sam's Club and BJ's too). You can use these gift cards to pay for tickets, saving you 5%!

These are just a few ways you can save some money on your park tickets. If you have any questions (or need help crunching numbers to see how an Annual Pass can save you money), feel free to contact me!

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