Using Gift Cards To Save On A Disney Vacation

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Quite some time ago (2015, actually), I was asked if I could post about ways to help save money on a Disney vacation. I kept planning on it, but life happens, and well, here we are. Because there are so many different facets of this discussion, I decided that I'm going to turn this into a weeklong series, with a different focus each day.

***So far, I've only been to Walt Disney World in Florida, and that's where most of my research has been done. Some of the tips in this series can apply to Disneyland in California, but not all of them***

My absolute favorite way to save money on our trips to Disney World is by using gift cards! Disney gift cards can be used to pay for vacation packages, tickets, resort rooms, dining, shopping...if you need to pay for something at Disney World, chances are, you can use a gift card. And the best part of using gift cards to pay for your vacation? Getting them at a discount!

There are several places to get discounted gift cards.

My favorite place to get them is my favorite non-Disney place -- Target! If you have a Target REDcard (either credit or debit), you save 5% on all of your Target purchases...including gift cards! It may not sound like much, but it definitely adds up.If your vacation was going to cost you $3500, if you use a REDcard to buy $3500 in gift cards, you'll end up paying $3325 -- that's a savings of $175! You can only buy $1000 in gift cards per day (at least in my area...I found this out last month), but you can come back every day to buy as many as you need -- even if it means buying 70 $50 gift cards.

Sam's Club also carries gift cards, sold in packs of three $50 cards, also discounted around 5%. If you have a BJ's near you, they carry them as well: $25 for $23.99, $50 for $47.99, $100 for $94.99, and $150 for $147.99.

But not only are we saving with gift cards on our Disney-related expenses...we're also using them for our flights! This is because Target also carries Southwest gift cards (Sam's Club and BJ's carry them as well).

All in all, we've been able to save over $200 on our next trip just by purchasing gift cards at Target! If you have access to discounted gift cards, I highly recommend using them to pay for your next Disney vacation!

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