Personal Goals for 2018

Monday, January 08, 2018

My planner (a Day Designer, but the Blue Sky version you can get at Target, because I'm too cheap for the real thing) has a section for goal setting in the front. It encourages you to break down your goals for the year into five categories: personal; family, friends, & relationship; heart & spirit; financial; and work, career, or study. Once you've set your goals, you're supposed to set a date you want to accomplish each goal by. I love this, and I thought blogging about the goals I've set might help keep me a bit more accountable for them. Since there are so many, I'm going to be blogging about each section separately (I think we all know by now how I tend to ramble -- I can't imagine how much rambling would come from 20 separate goals!).

My four personal goals are a bit of a mishmash, but I think they're all things that would be beneficial for me in the long run!

Lose A Pant Size

I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid, so most years, I have some sort of goal of wanting to be smaller. However, given my PCOS and my general temperament (often lazy, if I'm being honest), I know that setting some elaborate goal is not going to work out well for me. I had gotten up to my second highest weight ever last year, but found out a few weeks ago that I've lost fifteen pounds without really doing anything. I'm not counting on that continuing to be a thing, because I have no idea how it happened. I think that a goal of losing a pant size is a better goal for me right now than setting an x amount of pounds lost goal. I did set this goal to be accomplished by the end of June, which seems far away, but between the previously mentioned PCOS and laziness, and the fact that I'm going to be going back on birth control soon (the first time I was on it, I lost twenty pounds, but I don't know if whatever I end up on now will have the same results or the more typical weight gain), I figured June is doable. I just don't want to set it too soon and wind up disappointed, because in the past, even when I have actually made an effort, I haven't seen any results.

Get A Haircut

This may seem like a ridiculous goal, but I've only had my hair cut by someone else once the entire time we've been married (which will be seven years in May). I've cut it myself at home a couple of times, and trim it occasionally, but I don't really like doing it because I'm not that great at it. I'm cheap, and we've spent a lot of our marriage not having a lot of extra money, so it just never seemed like a priority. The time I DID go (October 2014, in case you were wondering), I went to the local beauty school. Not only would they not cut it how I wanted it, the girl who actually did it put layers on one side that she didn't put on the other (and I didn't notice until I got home). It was not an experience I'd like to repeat.

my last haircut

Another thing that keeps me from going is that my hair is in TERRIBLE shape. It's so dry, and frizzy, and split ends are everywhere, and I always feel like if I go somewhere nice to get my hair cut, they're all going to talk about how awful my hair is behind my back (I have, however, recently started using some products that seem to be helping, but it's only been like a week, so I want to give it some time before I really make a decision on their effectiveness).

So I'd like to get my hair cut at a place that will do a nice job. Somewhere that will make me come out feeling like a better version of myself. The deadline I've given myself for this goal is the end of March.

Create At Least One Thing A Month

I really like making things. I'm not always very good at it, but I do love a good crafting sesh. However, it's been a LONG time since I've actually made anything, and I want to change that. I don't think it's reasonable to expect to be able to craft as much as I may like per se, but I do think that making at least one thing a month is more than doable. Since this is a monthly goal, I need to have my first item made before February.

Create An Evening Routine

I think it would be beneficial for me and my sanity if I created a routine that I do each night to prepare myself for sleep and the next day. I'm still determining what all I want to include, but I need to start figuring it out, because the goal for that one is this Friday.

Some of these goals may seem a little silly, but I think they're just what I need right now. Here's to being a better me in 2018!

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  1. Jessica Goffinet GoekenJanuary 8, 2018 at 10:52 PM

    I think these are great goals, and they're personally tailored to you, rather than the generic "resolutions" most people tend to set. There's a fitness blog I read regularly called Nerd Fitness ( It's a different take on fitness and nutrition than a lot of other sites. It really helps me to stay motivated, and I think you should check it out.

    1. Yeah, I kind of gave up on resolutions a few years ago. It felt like too much pressure to change too much too soon. I'll have to check out that site! Thanks!



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