Three Reasons Why I Hate Snow Days

Friday, January 12, 2018

As a child, I LOVED winter. I loved it more than summer, because I was enamored of the snow. One year (I believe I was in third grade) we had so much snow that we were out of school for an extra week at the end of Christmas break (though that also meant we were still going to school in June). I lived for snow days when my siblings and I could play in the yard, or my dad would be able to take us sledding at the park.

As an adult, I still find snow pretty (when it's the big fat flakes that make everything look like a snowglobe), but I really hate winter. The magic of snow was kind of lost for me when it no longer meant a fun day at home. The local schools, including the system my boys attend (Jeffery's preschool is part of the school system as well), were closed. Fun, right? Not so much.

1. I don't get the day off.

The schools may be closed, but the facility I teach preschool at certainly wasn't. So even though the kids were out of school, I still had to pack them into the car, pray the roads weren't a giant sheet of ice, and trudge through the snow. Half of my class stayed home today, but the half that did come had a good time. I don't mind working, but it's not fun driving in that mess. I'm very fortunate that I live just a few minutes from work, but I was still over ten minutes late this morning (mostly because the ice on my windshield was like half an inch thick and I basically had to chisel it away). This is my third winter at this job, and I don't remember us ever closing due to weather (the preschool I previously taught at closed whenever the county schools were closed). At my first day care job, back when I still lived in Anderson, I once had to drive to work in a level 2 snow emergency because the facility opened before the snow emergency was called. What was normally a 15-20 minute drive took me an hour, and I was the only car on the road.

2. It throws my kids off.

Like I mentioned in my interpersonal goals post, my kids benefit from structure. Unfortunately, when a wrench is thrown in their typical routine/schedule, they don't always handle it well. When school is closed, whether due to a break or a snow day like this, one in particular tends to act out, which is fun for no one.

3. Apparently, I get an early wake-up call.

I love the school Eric goes to, but I wasn't terribly fond of it this morning. We get alerts for when the schools are closed, or for special events at his particular school. This was our first snow day of the year, so it was my first experience with the early morning alerts. Not only did I end up getting a text and an email, I also got a phone call around 5:30 AM. Groggy chaos ensued as I tried to figure out what was happening, and I was not terribly thrilled when I saw what time it was.

Maybe I'm just jaded in my old age. All the more reason to move somewhere warmer, I suppose.

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