The Green Family Fun Night Film Series - Moana

Sunday, February 04, 2018

For our second weekly movie night, I chose Moana, because it had been awhile since we had watched it, and the menu ideas came pretty quickly.

One of the nice things about Fridays now is that Eric's speech and occupational therapists are (for the moment) co-treating him, which means that instead of getting home around 5:15 on Fridays, we're getting home by 4:30, which gives me a little more time to get things ready. 

The Menu
Oven Fried Coconut Chicken Tenders
Baby Carrots
Banana Chips
Grilled Pineapple with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Vita Coco Coconut Water Chilled Lemonade

Tom decided that he'd rather eat hot dogs (he's eaten the coconut chicken before and didn't mind it, but he just wasn't feeling it that night), so the boys and I ate it ourselves. Jeffery didn't like the chicken much (I think it may have been the texture of the coconut), but he really liked everything else; Eric, as usual, had no complaints (that kid never met a food he didn't like). 

an instagram photo of one of the boys' plates

Some of the ingredients I had ordered ahead of time with my weekly ClickList order, but Jeffery and I did make a special trip to Fresh Thyme on Friday for the banana chips and a pineapple. The lemonade I found on clearance at Target, and I REALLY liked it. It tastes like lemonade, but it also really tastes like coconut water (and I love coconut water, so I was fine with that). I'd eaten grilled pineapple before, but I'd never made it. We don't have a grill, but we do have a stovetop grill pan, so I used that. It wasn't as good as the grilled pineapple I've had before, but for my first time, it wasn't too bad (plus ice cream covers a multitude of culinary sins).

I'm not sure what we'll be watching this Friday yet; I'm leaning towards Pocahontas, but I haven't made up my mind. We had a good time on Moana night; I really love the movie, though all of the stuff with her grandma makes me bawl like a baby (and miss mine even more than usual).

What Disney movie chokes you up the most?

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