The Last Two Weeks

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I apologize that it's been two weeks since I've blogged; I didn't realize time had gone by so quickly! I'd say that it's just because I've been busy, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Yes, I was busy, and yes, I've been going through some mental stuff off and on, but I also just didn't have anything that I really wanted to say at the time.

So since we last met:

  • I got an eye exam. If you've been a longtime follower (or know me in real life), then you know that I wear glasses (in fact, I've been wearing glasses for over half my life now, so now that I've realized that, I'm feeling even older than usual). However, my glasses have been broken since June (well, technically, they first broke while we were at Disney last May, but I was able to superglue them back together), and I couldn't find my spare pair (which defeats the purpose of having a spare pair), so I've been going without ever since. Thankfully, I can see things up close just fine; I just have trouble reading/seeing features of things that aren't close, so while it's been majorly annoying, it hasn't been completely debilitating. Now that we have insurance (which doesn't include vision, but does include a free exam), I took advantage of it. I'll be ordering glasses sometime this week, so within the next couple of weeks, I should be able to see again, which will be awesome (though it'll be weird to wait...the place I always went to in Muncie did same day glasses).
  • Last week, we did Mulan for our Green Family Fun Night Film Series movie, and I totally cheated and just got Panda Express for dinner (well, for myself and the boys, anyway -- Tom wouldn't touch it). So we had rice, orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and cream cheese rangoon while we watched one of the better Disney films out there. However, the night was not without incident, because while I was on my way home with the food, I got a flat tire. And by flat, I mean there was a rip in it so large that I could fit most of my hand inside. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the Tire Barn down the street and they were able to get me a new one fairly quickly.
  • Valentine's Day happened! We gave the boys some trading cards and Star Wars chocolate, I gave Tom a new work shirt and a pair of Zubaz (he'd been wanting a new pair for a long time -- we had purchased his old pair when we were still engaged!), and Tom gave me a Hedwig mug and a Funko Hermione plush :) In honor of the holiday, I actually cooked Tom and the boys a steak, even though the smell of it makes me sick, and Tom was thrilled (Jeffery, however, is apparently also steak-averse, so at least I have someone else to avoid steak with).
  • This past Friday, we skipped our movie night because Eric's school had their winter carnival that night. I had signed up to work at one of the games (sucker ring toss), so Tom took the boys around for games, face painting, and balloon animals while I worked my shift. It was a really nice little carnival, and all of the kids seemed to be having a good time. I'm always happy to get involved with the school when I can!
  • If you read my post on my heart and spirit goals for the year, I wanted to start doing daily yoga or meditation by January 15th. That didn't happen. However, a few hours ago, I did both, and though I'm feeling a bit sore/tight in some spots (particularly my mid/lower back), I feel good mentally, spiritually, and physically. The meditation was actually metta meditation, which is something my therapist had suggested to help me improve my relationship with myself (it focuses on sending loving kindness to yourself and others). I've done the meditation a few days now, and I think it's actually helping a bit. 
What am I most looking forward to this week? A couple of days with highs in the 60s!

What are you looking forward to this week?

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