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Sunday, October 28, 2018

It has been so long since I've blogged that writing this feels a bit like the equivalent of Billy Butcherson coughing dust and moths in Hocus Pocus (side note: I recently learned that Doug Jones actually had moths in his mouth for that scene, and even though they were enclosed in a balloon-type thing, that has to take some serious dedication).
Image result for billy butcherson coughing moths gif

So I'm sorry for not updating for so long. It's been almost nine months, and there hasn't been a peep from me on here. It wasn't intentional. My depression ended up getting worse, and I kind of just stopped updating...and then even when it was better, I was just so busy that I didn't even really think about blogging. I feel ready to jump back in though, and a lot has happened in the past eight and a half months!

In case we aren't Facebook friends, or you don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, here's a recap of what's been going on in my life!

  • In February, Jeffery got his first love note from a girl, Eric was Student of the Month for his class, and my depression, as previously mentioned, continued to get worse.
Post-park froyo! I had taken Eric a few times when we first got the boys, but I think this is Nolie’s first time. He chose red velvet frozen yogurt, topped with raspberry sauce, butterscotch sauce, warm caramel sauce, strawberries, a maraschino cherry, Fruity Pebbles, and mini M&Ms.

More power to ya, kid.
Jeffery and his froyo creation
  • In March, I won HQ Trivia for the first time (and won $11.17 in a time when they were still only doing $2,500 per game!), started birth control to try to regulate my periods, and we celebrated Easter with my family!
Nolie picked Guardians of the Galaxy for movie night tonight, so I made (or attempted to, anyway 😂) Cocoa Krispies treat Groots. I mean, it's passable, right?
Cocoa Krispies treat Groots for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie night
I got a text from the school nurse today. Somehow, Eric did this to his pants. When I asked him how he managed to rip them so badly, all he said was that his legs did it 😂
a picture the school nurse texted me of how Eric somehow ripped his pants
  • In May, I realized that the birth control I was on was actually making things worse. They put me on Provera to stop the bleeding, and that didn't really help either. I ended up having a biopsy to make sure I didn't have endometrial cancer (I didn't, thankfully!). I also finally started taking medication for my depression and anxiety; I was put on Lexapro, and it's been extremely beneficial for me. Tom and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, I accompanied Eric's class on a field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, my preschool class graduated, I turned 30, and Archie turned 7!
Picked up a gorgeous bunch of ranunculus at the first Saturday farmers' market of the season this morning :)
the beautiful ranunculus bouquet I picked up at the first farmers' market of the year
  • In June, we took another trip to Disney World (we were actually on the tram at Hollywood Studios when I got my biopsy results back)! I was crazy enough to try going to all four parks in one day (it was a lot of fun, but it was a whirlwind!)! We drove to the coast on the way home so the boys could see the ocean for the first time :) Tom and I ran our charity wrestling show, the Dynamite Cup, for the second year in a row to raise money for an amazing foster care organization called Together We Rise.
They were asleep through North Carolina and Tennessee, and the road we entered Ohio and Indiana on didn't have welcome centers for either, but the boys got their pictures taken by the signs for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky (Eevee, Mickey, and BearBear also make appearances).
road trip!
  • In July, we celebrated Independence Day and had a lot of fun family adventures (including seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp at an IMAX theater, trying Portillo's for the first time, and checking out an amazing children's play center in Lake Station, IN, called Bellaboo's).
I spent SEVEN
FREAKING HOURS cleaning this room. Now that it's clean, it's been made as clear as possible that the boys are responsible for keeping it that way. I wish I would have taken pictures of how awful it was before (it was a deathtrap). The boys were so excited to see the finished product that they actually blew off their TV time to play in their room. Hopefully having everything clean and organized will help them enjoy spending time in there (they normally try to get out of playing in their room). I was a messy kid, and to be honest, I'm still a pretty messy adult. But I'm working on changing my habits, and I want my kids to be able to have those good habits too. I can't wait until the whole house looks this good!
that time I spent SEVEN FREAKING HOURS cleaning the boys' room
  • In August, the boys headed back to school (1st grade for Eric, and the last year of preschool for Jeffery). We celebrated a lot of birthdays: Egg's 4th, Jeffery's 5th, Tom's 31st, and Luna's 6th. Another big change for our family is that we started using essential oils in August! They have been absolutely life-changing for us, and I'm actually a bit upset at myself for waiting so long to take the plunge!
When I picked Eric up from occupational therapy today, his therapist told me that she learned she has to be *very* specific with what she asks him.

She asked him to draw a self-portrait.

He drew himself naked 🤦🏻‍♀️
Eric's occupational therapist asked him to draw a self-portrait. He drew himself nude.
Welcoming fall with a delightful diffuser blend that reminds me of walking into the market area of an apple orchard, like fresh fruit and cinnamon donuts 😍
{5  drops of stress away + 2 drops of orange + 3 drops of thieves}
first day of fall feels
These are a couple of projects we've been up to in preschool lately. Our October color is black, and our shape is rectangle, so we made black rectangle bats!
A few weeks ago, for Teddy Bear Picnic Day, we made cinnamon painted bears (super easy, just mix some cinnamon into the paint -- they smell amazing!). I'm proud of how the kids have been working!
a cute little rectangle bat one of my students made

For now, I'm going to keep on working on myself, work on growing my essential oil business, work on keeping the chaos in my house to a minimum, and work on creating the happiest, healthiest life I can for myself and my family. And I plan to share that with you guys as I go :)

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