Farewell, Lunabelle

Saturday, April 27, 2019

I feel like most of my blog posts over the past couple of years have been me apologizing for not writing recently. This one isn't much different in that respect.

It's been five months.

At the time, I had planned on writing more regularly again. But something happened that put a stop to a lot of my plans at the time.

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Luna.

one of the last pictures of my sweet girl <3
Luna had some issues with arthritis in her leg a few years ago, so when she started limping, I figured that's all it was. I tried giving her joint medication, but she refused to take it (I got so desperate at one point that I mixed it into a syringe of water and injected it in her mouth -- she spit it all over me and ran away). She wasn't as active as she had been because of the limp, but she was still eating fine and generally as sassy as ever, so I figured it would pass.

But it didn't.

One day, the boys mentioned she was bleeding. I looked at her leg (the one she had been favoring -- and often hiding from my sight) and there was a large red mass on it (what they thought was blood). I took her to the vet as soon as they could get me in, and they told me she had metastatic osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. It's extremely uncommon in cats, especially cats that young (she was only six). They said it was so bad that even if I had brought her in when I first noticed the limp, it probably wouldn't have made a difference, but I still felt guilty anyway.

They said they could attempt to treat it, but that it had spread so much that it probably wouldn't do anything. She was living in a lot of pain.

I took her home to discuss it with Tom. That was a Monday night. Tuesday, I called and made an appointment to put her down the next day.

That Tuesday (the night of Eric's Christmas program) was our last night with her.

We brought her into the living room with us. We all went around and told her how much we loved her, how much she meant to us, and how much we loved having her as a part of our family. She sat in a basket between the boys as they gave her pets and kisses and cried. We did our best to explain to them what was happening (Tom's grandfather passed a couple of weeks before that, so they ended up getting a crash course in death). It actually ended up being pretty triggering for them (that's a long story that they can share when they're older, if they like), but they were able to make sense of what was happening.

When I got off work the next day, I went home and bundled her up in her crate with her favorite blanket. On the drive to the vet, I told her what was going to happen, and let her know I'd be there with her the whole time. I told her again how much I loved her, and how I was so blessed to get to be her mommy for the five years that I did.

The process was peaceful. I stayed with her and held her paw and stroked her fur even after she was gone. But my heart was broken.

I absolutely adored our family cat, Maggie, growing up; she had been part of the family since before I was even born, and lived a long life until I was almost 14. But I had always considered myself a dog person. Dogs just made more sense to me.

Until Luna strolled into our lives.

She reminded me how much I love cats (and that I am very much a dog person AND a cat person). She always seemed to know when I needed a little extra love. She always seemed to think she was a lapdog, and always wanted to be all up on everyone (she even liked climbing on my shoulder like a parrot when I used the bathroom). She was sweet, affectionate, and smart as a whip.

Adjusting to life without her has been difficult. Tom and I both still find ourselves saying goodbye to her sometimes when we leave the house. Egg has been helpful though; around the time Luna got sick, she started being more affectionate (she generally hated any human interaction, even though we've had her since she was 8 weeks old, but now she's constantly in our laps and kneading on us), so it's nice to have a lovey cat still.

The boys started asking about a new cat pretty quickly, but we're not ready. Luna's presence is still so heavy. That's no surprise though -- she was always larger than life.

Rest in peace, my sweet girl.

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  1. Crying here. Beautifully said ❤

  2. Thank you. I cried writing it. She was the absolute best cat I ever could have asked for <3



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