DIY Bug Spray

Monday, May 06, 2019

I don't mean to brag, but mosquitoes just love me. As such, bug spray is a summer staple around here.

The safety of DEET has been debated, but I figured I'd just circumvent any potential hazards in bug spray by making my own all-natural version (bonus: it smells SO much nicer than traditional bug sprays!).

And YES, it really works! I took it camping with us in a very wet area filled with mosquitoes, and not  one of us came home with a bite!

What you need:
 •a glass spray bottle (I used a 4oz bottle...if you have a different size, adjust the recipe accordingly!)
 •10 drops citronella essential oil
 •10 drops eucalyptus oil 
 •5 drops lavender oil 
 •1/4 c witch hazel 

Put the essential oils in the bottle and add witch hazel (this helps the oils mix with the water). Fill the bottle with water and shake well. Apply every hour or as needed.

It's SO simple to throw together, but it works so effectively! This is definitely a new must-have in the Green house!

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