Four Years of Disney World

Thursday, February 06, 2020

This past Sunday marked four years since the boys had moved in, so we've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately.

Since it's Thursday and I'm still fully on the whole #tbt train, I thought I'd share a picture of the boys on each of our Disney World trips together.

September 2016

This was the boys' first trip, taken a couple of months before we adopted them. We stayed at the All-Star Movies resort, which they loved! We spent some time taking advantage of the many photo ops around the resort, including this one in the 101 Dalmatians section. Their love for Disney (and Toy Story in particular) was cemented on this trip.

May 2017

At the end of the school year, we took the boys on their second trip, both as a family vacation and a celebration of the adoption. They LOVED meeting Stitch at our character breakfast at 'Ohana at the Polynesian! We actually used a family picture from this breakfast on our Christmas card that year!

June 2018

For our third trip as a family, we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. The boys loved exploring the gardens, and Nolie even successfully swam for the first time at the pool! We drove on this trip, and we took the long way home so we could give the boys their first experience with the ocean.

May 2019

Out last trip was also the first one where we stayed at a resort that Tom and I had previously stayed at -- Coronado Springs, one of our favorites! The boys thought all the courtyards and fountains were cool, and they even faced their fears and conquered the water slide at the pool several times. It was probably the most relaxing trip we'd had as a family (other than when our last park day was cut short when Eric became dehydrated, but the health and safety of our kids trumps wanting to ride "it's a small world").

We probably won't be going this year (we've got some big changes on the horizon!), but I can't wait to keep making Disney memories with my sweet boys.

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