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Friday, February 07, 2020

This is Stephanie.

She's technically a PJ Sparkles Sparklins Bunny, but I always just called her my glow bunny. She was a present for my 3rd birthday, so I've had her for a VERY long time. As a kid, she was my ride-or-die lovey -- I didn't sleep without Stephanie (and I'm not terribly embarrassed to admit that this continued into adulthood, because I'm the kind of person who needs to hold on to something when I sleep). She's definitely seen better days (she used to have full eye paint and a full ruffle, she definitely used to be more yellow, and there were a few years between getting her and trying to put blush on her chest ).

I think I named her after my cousin, but it may have been in honor of Stephanie Tanner 🤷🏻‍♀️

Today was pajama and stuffed animal day at work, so I brought her with me today. During lunch, a student pulled the fire alarm, so we all ran outside in a hurry. Later, another staff member was telling me about how one of the kids was very relieved that it wasn't a real fire, because she had to leave her teddy bear inside.

It reminded me of when I was a kid. Of course, we had always been told that when there's a fire, you just get yourself out, but I was a paranoid child who was always trying to formulate a plan for any kind of worst case scenario (including exactly how I'd handle the situation if our bus driver suddenly had a heart attack while driving, because I have always been a weirdo). As such, I would lay in bed thinking of the best way to make sure that I, our cat Maggie, and Stephanie ended up safely outside.

In October, our dryer caught fire while we slept. Thankfully, there wasn't any structural damage, but it was definitely terrifying to wake up to thick black smoke in the house. In that moment, Stephanie wasn't even on my mind. We made sure the kids got out, I got Archie's leash and got him out, and I tried to find Egg, but couldn't (she had found a safe place to hide until all the craziness was over). I knew it wasn't going to be a serious lose-everything-you-own fire, but if it had been, I honestly probably would have tried to save SOMETHING. And although Stephanie is still my most cherished childhood memento, she still wouldn't be the first non-living thing that I'd grab (that would probably be the box of scrapbooks and family photos that had belonged to my grandmother and great-great-grandmother).

But for now, I'm thankful that I still have her and am able to share her with my boys (and maybe even one day some grandkids). There's always a special place in your heart for your childhood favorites ❤️

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