The Day Eric's Adenoids Took A Hike

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

We've been pretty lucky that we've been able to avoid major surgeries with the kids in the four years we've been with us. The week they moved in, Eric had a previously scheduled surgery to tubes put in his ears, but other than that, the kids haven't needed any operations.

However, that recently changed.

We found out that Eric had enlarged adenoids, some seriously enlarged nasal tissue, animal allergies (cats, dogs, and mice -- weird, I know), and obstructive sleep apnea. The doctor recommended an adenoidectomy. Eric was nervous about surgery, but he was hopeful that it would help provide him with some relief.

We scheduled the surgery over Christmas break to give him ample time to recover. The morning of December 30th, we headed to the hospital with his favorite stuffies, some books, calming essential oils, and the Nintendo Switch loaded with his favorite game (Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee!). We got settled into his room and he got changed into his gown (since he's so tall, they gave him the smallest adult size they had; he thought it was hilarious).

We had some time to kill, but thankfully we found DuckTales on the TV, so that helped keep him occupied.

All of the staff was wonderful with him; everyone was very patient with him and explained every step they'd be going through, which was really helpful for keeping him calm and reassured.

The actual procedure was very quick; about five minutes after they took him back, I went down to the gift shop, and they were done just a few minutes after I got back. His recovery time took way longer than the actual surgery, but the nurses kept reassuring me that he had been a wonderful patient and extremely polite (which any mom would love to hear!).

When I was finally back with him, he was definitely a bit out of it. We just kicked back and relaxed with some more cartoons.

They had been kind enough to let him take his stuffies back to surgery with him; he was very excited (well, as excited as one can be coming out of anesthesia) to show me how Eevee had been outfitted with her own surgical cap and mask.

Eventually, he felt up to a few licks of a bomb pop, but he ended up with one of those mucus-y vomits; I've never seen a person look so betrayed by a popsicle.

We ended up going home around 2pm, and by the time we got home, you never would have imagined he had surgery that morning. He was acting, eating, and playing normally.

This was like 3pm the day of surgery.
This carried over into New Year’s Eve, which was good, because he felt well enough to attend my bestie's annual party and hang with his "cousins". On New Year's Day, however, he crashed HARD. The poor thing was so miserable; he just wanted to lay on the couch while I tried to get him to drink Gatorade. Thursday was more of the same, but Friday he was fine again!

Since then, I have seen an improvement with his breathing, and he has been sleeping better. His speech therapist says she's noticed a lot of improvement in his sounds. All in all, it seems that the surgery has been successful in improving his life!

I'm hoping that's the last surgery we have for awhile, but with the way this family is, you never know!

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