5 Myths About Young Living

Monday, March 02, 2020

Many people who have heard about Young Living have an opinion about it, but there are a lot of misconceptions about who Young Living is as a company and what being a Young Living member entails. I'm here to clear some of those up :)

Myth #1 - Young Living only has oils.

While that's definitely what Young Living is known for, that's far from all we offer! There are actually more than 600 toxin-free products available! There are product lines designed just for babies, kids, and animals; a line of cleaning products; CBD; supplements (including Young Living's anti-oxidant rich NingXia Red!); nutritional products; skincare; cosmetics, and so much more!

Myth #2 - I have to sign up for a subscription program.

While Essential Rewards is an amazing program, and can be extremely beneficial for anyone wanting to make the most of their Young Living experience, it's completely optional! You're not obligated to sign up, but there are a lot of perks if you do.

Myth #3 - I have to sell stuff.

You are NEVER obligated to sell ANYTHING. Most of the people on my team have no interest in the business side of Young Living. It's totally cool if you just want to use the products!

Myth #4 - I'd have to order through Alex.

Nope! If you wanted to try Young Living products, whether as a member or a retail customer, I'd help you sign up for your own account. Order what you want, when you want, shipped directly to you! I'm just here to be your helpful guide :)

P.S. If you love the convenience of Amazon Prime's shipping, the YL Go program is for you ;)

Myth #5 - I can get the same oils cheaper somewhere else.

Sorry, but you can't. All oils are NOT created equal. When it comes to oils, you definitely get what you pay for!

What makes Young Living different?

-Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns its own farms, and our partner farms around the world are held to the same rigorous standards.

-You can visit Young Living's farms and distilleries to see the whole process from seed to seal!

-There are no chemicals used whatsoever. Even the fields are weeded by hand!

-Young Living oils are not only tested for purity in-house, but also through third party labs.

-Both Young Living corporate and members provide a wealth of knowledge, support, and customer service!

-Young Living is dedicated to quality every step of the way. From the seeds they source to the oils they distill, anything that isn't up to par will not be used or distributed, period.

There's a reason Young Living is the world leader in essential oils!

Thanks to crossline leaders Darlene Weir and Becky Meloy for inspiring this post!

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