DIY Hand Sanitizer

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the news about hand sanitizer shortages around the country. But don't worry -- making your own is SUPER easy!

Here's what you'll need:

•2/3c isopropyl alcohol
•1/3c aloe Vera
•10 drops essential oil

Simply mix everything together and transfer to the container of your choice! I like the little squeeze bottles you can buy in the travel section. I'll often add a squirt of vitamin E to make it a little more moisturizing. The most important part is that the alcohol content is at least 60%.

As far as which essential oil to use, right now, I'd definitely use Thieves. Tea tree could also be a good choice, perhaps paired with lavender. As part of teacher gifts a couple of Christmases ago, I made some with Christmas Spirit (it smelled amazing!). But Thieves is always a good choice!

It's also super easy to make your own hand soap, but that's a post for another day 😉

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