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Friday, June 12, 2020

I had originally planned to share this post last Friday (it was National Donut Day, after all), but since I decided to mute myself last week, it's happening today!

If you want donuts in Lafayette, our recommendation has always been Mary Lou Donuts! Mary Lou has been a community staple since 1961, and you can tell how much the community loves their donuts when you drive by (especially on Saturday mornings) to find the drive-through line wrapped around the adorable A-frame building (for real though, it's the cutest).

They have a fairly extensive donut menu, with several varieties of both yeast and cake donuts (I do wish they would sell plain glazed chocolate yeast donuts -- they were my favorite as a kid, and they remind me of my grandma, who would DOWN some chocolate yeast donuts -- but they DO have tiger tails, so I can still get some of that chocolatey yeast goodness). They also have a variety of pastries, cookies, and popcorn available (the cookies are really good too -- I used to have a student whose grandma would bring in iced sugar cookies from Mary Lou for holiday parties).

Tom only likes plain glazed yeast donuts (he's the most boring eater I've ever met, if I'm being honest), but the boys enjoy trying new donuts. They love the sprinkle donuts (shocking, I know), but they also love the chocolate iced devil's food cake, blueberry cake (always a good choice), and the chocolate iced coconut yeast. My faves are the chocolate iced yeast custard filled, powdered lemon filled (I don't really like the powder per se, but the white icing for some reason is way too sweet for me, and I LOVE the lemon filling), and the French cruller). If you're a fan of apple fritters, they make an excellent one, but beware -- this thing is MASSIVE. Like, you're definitely going to have some leftover unless several people are eating it.

The donuts are so flavorful, with an amazing texture. They're soft and chewy, and the crullers practically melt in your mouth. These donuts are so good that Nolie asks for a donut tower instead of birthday cake every year!

On a normal, non-quarantine morning, you'll usually find a few older guys sitting around the horseshoe-shaped counter, drinking their coffee from little ceramic mugs and talking while they enjoy their donuts. The interior is pretty small, so things can get crowded both inside and in the parking lot (again, it is not at all uncommon for the line to be wrapping around the building and around itself). In the past few years, they've actually  introduced a donut truck that they can take places for events and such, and on National Donut Day, they were actually using it to distribute pre-ordered donuts to help reduce the wait times. 

If you ever find yourself wanting to try some of the best donuts in Indiana, you're definitely going to want to stop by Mary Lou Donuts, located at 1830 S 4th St, Lafayette, IN!

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