Turning 32 at Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 01, 2020

My birthday was about a week and a half ago (May 21st, to be exact).

Having a birthday during a pandemic was strange. In actuality, it wasn't that much different than any other year (we never really go out and do anything), but the way time has felt over the past couple of months seemed to warp my sense of time. I kept thinking I was turning 33, when that's not happening until next year.

But since we couldn't really do anything or go anywhere, I decided to take myself on a virtual vacation to Walt Disney World!

I decided to spend the day at my favorite park, Magic Kingdom, riding my favorite attractions and visiting some of my favorite restaurants (I started the day with a character breakfast at 'Ohana, and I did actually make the pineapple-coconut breakfast bread using this recipe). The only thing missing is some shopping and a Citrus Swirl!

Check out my day below :)

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