2020 in Review

Friday, January 01, 2021

I know, I know. It's been several months since you've heard from me.

It's not the first time it's happened, and I can't promise it will be the last.

I just started feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, and I needed to drop a ball so I could keep juggling the rest, and unfortunately, that ball was this blog. But I'm back, so I hope you're ready for me to go off on seven thousand tangents again!

2020 was an absolutely crazy year for everyone, and one I don't think anyone will ever forget. We were extremely fortunate that 2020 wasn't as bad of a year for us as it was for others. Tom and I were both able to maintain our jobs (and Tom has been an essential worker the entire time), and none of have gotten sick with the virus yet (*knock on wood*).

Here's how 2020 went for the Greens:


-Eric started wearing orthotic braces and adaptive shoes because the bones in his ankles weren't properly aligned. If you're looking for adaptive shoes that are easy to put on and can accommodate orthotics, we really love BILLY Footwear (they unzip all the way around the shoe) and Converse Easy Slip (which have a velcro back that opens up).

-Jeffery's eye appointment showed that patching had improved his eyesight in his stronger eye, but his optometrist recommended strabismus surgery.


-We marked four years as a family of four.

-I tried cactus for the first time at our favorite Mexican restaurant (it was okay, but probably not something I'll order again), and Eric tried (and enjoyed) ceviche. It's nice having one person in this house who's willing to try new things!

-The boys and I finally made a visit to our local crystal shop, and I got my first crystals (a selenite egg and a piece of quartz)!

-Almost 15 years after learning how to knit, I finished a knitting project for the first time (a scarf for Eric).


-Jeffery had his last (for now) wrestling meet. He won several of his matches and received his first ribbon.

-That same night, we toured a house for sale, made an offer, and had our offer accepted!

-I started using CBD oil.

-The boys dressed as Simon & Garfunkel for Decades Day at school, which also happened to be the last day of in-person school for the 2019-2020 school year. We got the call during my lunch break, and I was so impressed with how everyone came together to prepare work for the kids. It was originally just supposed to be a week off (attached to the week we'd already be having off for Spring Break), but it ended up going the rest of the school year. It was definitely an interesting experience, especially being on both sides (as a parent and as a school employee). We have an e-learning week next week, and it'll be a totally different experience for me since we have pre-determined plans in place for what to do.

-We closed on our house!


-We moved in to our new home! The boys had to adjust to having their own rooms for the first time (even now, one of them enjoys having his own space much more than the other).

-What we first thought was allergies and then pink eye ended up being a tumor behind Tom's eye. He spent a week in the hospital and had two surgeries. We were extremely blessed that no infection spread and he regained his full eyesight! I was able to visit him briefly before his second surgery, but it was definitely weird to spend that week alone with the boys getting whatever we could out of our rental.


-Tom was released from the hospital!

-We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.

-The boys made friends with the little girls next door.

-The alternator went out in our van (I definitely recommend purchasing the protection plans if they offer them -- it was a lifesaver!).

-Since Jeffery couldn't have his traditional kindergarten graduation, I got a little extra and had him do a photoshoot.

-I turned 32, and Archie turned 9.

-The condensate pump started leaking (we hadn't even known it was a thing), which we found out when Jeffery's floor developed a wet spot that wouldn't go away.


-I opened up in a Facebook live about some of the mental health struggles we'd been dealing with over quarantine, and talked more about Eric's Intermittent Explosive Disorder diagnosis (he was diagnosed in 2017, but I hadn't really talked about it much). He ended up switching to a new medication, and he's been doing pretty well on it.

-Jeffery had his strabismus surgery, and it was extremely successful!

-I hit my next Young Living rank and got my biggest commission check yet courtesy of the Silver Bound Bonus program


-We watched Hamilton for the first time, and Jeffery became obsessed.

-We had a chill 4th of July at home with plenty of sparklers and poppers.

-My dad and stepmom booked a private room at Bonge's Tavern (an Indiana institution) to have all of us kids out for dinner. It was the only time I've been able to see most of them this year. Dinner was delicious, but spending that time with my siblings and our parents was just as great (my older sister was even able to come since she was visiting from Texas, but our little brother wasn't able to make it due to his National Guard duties).

-Jeffery lost his first tooth!

-I tried my hand at making my own diffuser necklace.

-We took our only little "trip" of the year by spending a few hours at the lake. I got extremely sunburned, but there were only like six other people there while we were, so it was some much needed safe, socially-distanced fun!

-We dealt with MORE water issues when our water heater started leaking. We ended up having to replace it, and it caused some small issues with our floor.

-I participated in a panel about schools reopening.


-Egg turned 6, Jeffery turned 7, and Tom turned 33.

-The boys and I headed back to school, and their back to school photo made it on Popsugar!


-I completed my first cross-stitch project in years, and it was wonderful to have completed a crafting project just for fun again.

-We joined the YMCA! Tom has been working out like a machine, and I've been going to yoga classes.

-We hosted our first sleepover when Eric's best friend spent the night.


-I finally managed to make biscuit dough donuts that weren't raw on the inside (you don't realize what a big deal that is for me).

-We had our first Cub Scout meeting since March (a hike through Clegg Gardens).

-Our upstairs shower started leaking into the family room built-ins (we still haven't had it looked at, we just aren't using it right now).

-We were able to make our annual trip out to Exploration Acres with my bestie and her family; it was the first time I'd seen her since March.

-We voted! Normally we take the boys and we all go together, but this year we voted separately (we had different days off available for early voting) and left the boys at home.

-We celebrated a socially-distanced Halloween with our little Alexander Hamilton and Ash Ketchum.


-Jeffery had his first visit with a psychiatrist, and he started medication to help with his depression and anxiety.

-Eric turned 9.

-We celebrated our four year adoptionversary.

-For a birthday surprise, Tom took Eric to meet Jason David Frank (the guy who played Tommy in the original Power Rangers), and it basically made Eric's life.

-I made my first Thanksgiving meal entirely on my own, and not only did I not screw up the turkey, but everything tasted amazing.

-We headed to a local tree farm and cut down our first real Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our new house.

-Tom did something he swore he'd never do and hung up Christmas lights outside!


-We were assigned a scout elf! Fritz Figgybottom visited every day until Christmas Eve, and the boys loved looking for him every morning.

-Santa drove by the school across the street, so we were able to say hello to him and give the boys' letters to Santa to the postal workers.

-The Y hosted a parents' night out for school employees, so Tom and I went out for our first date in a year to a local restaurant called The Bryant (and it was AMAZING).

-The boys caught some sort of bug, so we all had to quarantine for a few days until we got the COVID test results back.

-We celebrated Christmas at home alone, and the slower pace and simplicity were renewing.

-We ended our year with a lot of Mario Kart, goat cheese crostini, and a new champagne cocktail I created (virgin for the boys, natch).

I can't say that I'm sorry to see 2020 go, but I do feel like it was a year that helped the four of us come closer together as a family (even if I thought I was going to go insane too many times to count). I can't wait to see what 2021 holds!

What was your best moment of 2020?

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