Pacifica Stress Rehab Mask Review

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

 I love a good mask from time to time.

While I love the control of a homemade mask, sometimes it’s nice to have the convenience of a store bought mask. I’m always trying to be cognizant of what I’m putting on my skin though, so I try to choose companies that use natural ingredients and have cruelty-free practices (vegan products are a plus!).

Enter Pacifica Beauty.

I actually first became aware of Pacifica in an Ipsy bag I received many years ago, but I’ve used a few of their products since then. When I was looking around for a sheet mask to try, I was intrigued by their Stress Rehab mask. With coconut and caffeine, it was supposed to help calm skin, minimize redness, and reduce puffiness. With how red my skin is, I was down.

Some of the reviews mentioned feeling a burning sensation, and at first I was worried that’s what I was first feeling, but it was actually a cooling, tingling sensation. The mask itself smelled amazing, and the heart cutouts for the eye holes were adorable. After I took it off, my skin felt smoother, and it definitely felt refreshed. I may have been hallucinating, but my face looked less red; the only redness I saw was the apples of my cheeks, which are ALWAYS red (it seems to be genetic).

Overall, I enjoyed this mask, and plan to use it again sometime!

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