Do you think my dog is cute?

Do you think my fashion sense is terrible?

Do you want to tell me that I change my blog design way too often?

Do you want to be my best friend?  (It's totally okay if you do -- I won't think you're all stalkery.  Probably).

If the answer to any of these (or a gajillion other questions) is 'yes', you should let me know!  There are a lot of ways you can do that.

You can email me at -- my phone alerts me whenever I have an email, so I'll see it pretty much right away.  Unless my phone is off.  Then I won't.  But I'll see it eventually.  Pinky swear.

I'm also heavily into social media (although probably not quite as much as Tom is).  So you can find me on:

  • Facebook (which might actually be the best way -- I feel like I'm on it all the freaking time)
  • Twitter (it's also my personal account, so there's all sorts of angsty, passive aggressive thoughts you won't see anywhere else. 
  • Instagram (if you need to contact me via photograph) 
  • Pinterest (maybe not the best way to actually contact me, but my Pinterest is pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself -- well, it was until I deleted my almost 20,000 pins to start fresh. It'll get there again though!)
  • Google+ (to be honest, I'm not great at using Google+, but I'm going to try to do better)

If Google Reader's not your style, you can read Bergalicious on Bloglovin' (and, of course, good, old-fashioned RSS).

Plus there's always the whole 'train-a-regular-pigeon-to-be-a-carrier-pigeon' thing.

You know, if that actually works.